The Curse of Oak Island S06E02 Gold Rush

The Curse of Oak Island S06E02 Gold Rush

Accursed island treasure season 6 episode 2 . There are 28 other episodes in which the brothers Rick and Marty are running the largest and most expensive treasure hunt ever performed on the island of Oak for 223 years of treasure hunter.

The Curse of Oak Island S06E02 Gold Rush online History Channel 

Current episode The Curse of Oak Island S06E02 Gold Rush. Here he comes glittering from time to time. Emotionally and emotionally expensive, they get it: The Gold Rush The brothers find gold on the island of Oak.

The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1 online

Episode 2 Season 6 The Gold Rush

There had been rumors of a gold discovery on the island of Oak. Like an oil drilling at the end of which a black liquid is seen, a legend lies among the treasure hunters on the island that one of the previous expeditions saw gold on the edge of the drill. But this ended the golden dreams of the cursed island. In the second episode of the season the garden brothers fulfill their promise. There is gold on the island.

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The gold rush is a term for a decade and another year in American history. Between 1848 and 1855, hundreds of thousands of people poured into California following James and Marshall’s gold discovery at Fortress Mill. They came the wrong way in search of the precious metal. Some of them got rich, some of them made a few pounds, and some of them, whoever managed to return, folded their tail and returned.

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