Rebel Moon part 2 to watch on Netflix 

Rebel Moon part 2 to watch on Netflix 

I was stunned in front of the screen and could not take out a steering wheel. Simply a wonderful movie that leaves no room for doubt. This is one of the best movies created by the streaming service and broadcast in Israel. What’s in the article? Rebel Moon part 2 to watch on Netflix 

The future is partly cloudy but there is hope Rebel Moon part 2 to watch on Netflix 

Just before we move on to the second part of the unforgettable series of Netflix Israel, we can tell you a little about the night, and where do we start?. from the start. What is the first movie called Rebel Moon part one The Fire Girl about?.

In a very rosy future, in a boundless dystopian world, after humans have settled on distant stars, the cruel forces of the mother world threaten a quiet farming village on a distant moon. The only one who might save the residents is a mysterious stranger. An unstoppable warrior who is determined that this time, for a change, justice will rule the galaxy.

Another, almost unstoppable character is Admiral Atticus Noble played by Ed Skrein. But he is on the side of the bad guys. One dark morning he arrives at the moon called Waldet, wreaks havoc on it and from here begins a chain of events that will only end when we watch the sequel Rebel Moon 2. 

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Who plays in the movie Rebel Moon?.

Sophia Boutier is the star of the 2017 movie The Mummy, which can also be watched via Netflix, even if you only have a basic package.

Djimon Hounsou – Play the role of the sorcerer Shazam in the film Shazam in 2022 and if that is not enough, then take the time to watch him as Steve Jann Mardenborough in the film Gran Turismo.

Ed Skrein Get a lapel from Game of Thrones. Where does he know us from? This is the actor who played Dario Naharis and the villain Ajax from the superhero movie Deadpool

The second part will be even better and fascinating

What does this mean?. The death of the actors has already ended the filming and the delay is apparently thanks to the considerations of Netflix.

The epic Rebel Moon is about Cora (Sofia Botella), a soldier, a lone wolf, who has found community and connection on the quiet farming moon of Waldt. She is a far cry from her previous life fighting for the Imperium. Wait, what does that even mean? The brutal interstellar royal empire intent on ruling the galaxy. But Cora’s violent past drains away when sadistic Admiral Atticus Noble (Ed Skrein) arrives on homeworld via a Dreadnought-class battlecruiser and stirs up deadly trouble at the behest of the Empire’s tyrannical heir, Belisarius.

Watch the video the second part Rebel Moon 2 to watch directly

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