The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1 online

The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1 online

Great excitement! After months in which it was unclear whether a new season would be produced, the History Channel announced the filming of the new season of Cursed Island Treasure Season 8 live spoiler dates. Excavation work has recently been seen on Oak Island off the coast of Nova Scotia. The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1 online


The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1 online ON HISTORY

The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1 online ON HISTORY

Update for fans of the series – from 7/11/2023 season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island will be broadcast on the History Channel. We here at the history site will cover for you the entire season the findings and the stories of the search brotherhood.

If you’re familiar with “The Curse Of Oak Island”, you already know that the mystery surrounding the island and its legend seems endless. It has been centuries since people started exploring the place in search of a millions and ancient treasure, which may or may have not been hidden in its depths.


Filming began in June 2020 The fans were unable to find out

Unlike previous seasons where visitors to the island watched the start of engineering work before filming a new season, the Ray ahead of the eighth season on the History Channel for live viewing the exciting news has only just become known. November is going to be the month of the Rick and Marty Garden Brothers of millions of viewers and treasure hunters around the world.

Season Eight The Cursed Island Treasure Dates 10/11/2020 Episode First on the History Channel.

THE Filming began some time in June, but the filming itself was not revealed by fans of the show and the digging fraternity led by brothers Rick and Marty to the garden and you are the familiar team from previous years. The Curse of Oak Island season 8 is a complex engineering operation that requires planning due to the size of the island, the weather off the coast of Nova Scotia and the archeological and geological surprises that are revealed on the island, which manages to surprise but also frustrate each time.

Will the 2019 mission be completed in 2020? The Curse of Oak Island season 8 episode1

As mentioned, despite the COVID-19 epidemic, the camera crew and treasure hunt team were able to return to the island to continue the work they left in 2019. Fans were able to get the update from the few locals who post details about what is happening on the island. An official response from the brothers to the garden has not yet been recorded. In the area you can already see engineering tools and large trucks that serve as the basis for the intensive excavations in the area of ​​the silver pit and the artificial egg on the island. The connection between the two investigation centers was completely proven in season 7, the Curse of Oak Island season, which has just been broadcast in Israel on Channel 43 on cable.

Watch The History Channel Video Season 8 Episode 1 Watch Online The Cursed Island Treasure (The Island Treasure With The Oaks). As we shall see “the swamp becomes the center of a large excavation to reveal a newly found structure and more importantly, perhaps this season we will discover for the first time why this swamp was altered or artificially created 800 years ago.”

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