the handmaid’s tale season 4 spoilers trailer

the handmaid’s tale season 4 spoilers trailer

At the end of last season we left june osborne on screen in an impossible situation. She led the liberation campaign of 87 prisoners from the state of gilead to freedom in Canada, was injured and taken for treatment. Now something will have to pay the price! What awaits viewers as part of tthe handmaid’s tale season 4 Full Episodes.

the handmaid's tale season 4 spoilers trailer

the handmaid’s tale season 4 spoilers trailer

Not Without My Daughter! Or if you want- without Hannah I’m not going anywhere

Our first spoiler for the fourth season talks about the handmaid’s , and probably a few more fugitives, being able to leave the country and move to Canada. For the first time we will see the protagonists of the series outside the confines of the insane state of command. In this respect there is no doubt that HULU announces a sharp turn in the plot.

In some scenes shown in the trailer for season 4 we see a court appearance, getting out of a car in front of the Embassy of Canada and talking about “dealing” with her husband Luke raising her daughter who was born Nick the Spy.

The location of the trailer makes it quite clear that one way or another, june osborne manages to escape from gilead and reach Canada. However, only in the following chapters will you find out if she is there by choice or not – because she initially refused to leave Gilad without her daughter Hannah.

Think she’s going to win easily? Wait for episode 1 season 4 the handmaid’s tale

Officially the fourth season of Slave airs on 28/4/2021. For the aspiration to watch the new season of Slave on Netflix Israel, it will not happen soon. If we have a slave on Netflix we can at least make do with the other channels. On the other hand in the state of Gilad no one sends love greetings to my wife. So what do we have to complain about.

Watch the video the handmaid’s tale season 4 Full Episodes for 2021  

I expect the worst. But we all deserve the best. My home Hannah deserves the best. Changes are acquired in agony. Thus begins the fourth season the story of a slave.

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