drombeg stone circle tour

drombeg stone circle tour

Round-stone circles fascinate travelers in Ireland and Scotland. Although it is not as impressive as the Stonehenge, thedrombeg stone circle tour leaves a person with a powerful feeling at its center

A trip to Ireland and Scotland was far from my dreams as I planned to make the biggest trip to the island on the ocean.

The circle of stones of Dromberg Stone

The circle of stones of Dromberg Stone

i am a person who grew up on the shores of the Mediterranean, a trip to Ireland was seen in my dream as a mystical journey to Celtic culture that infused my imagination and soul into my youth, from a culture of dusty soldiers to a world of fairies, knights and demons.

The characters who will not lose in any new war. and naw to drombeg stone circle tour

dony miss it ! Drombeg stone circle Interesting sites in Ireland

This is one of the mysterious sites in Ireland. The site is located within a modest nature reserve, there is no watchman, at least not one who sees and supervises what is happening. Unlike the stone-throwers on the island of Orkney in Scotland, here is a historic site for lovers of a mysterious history.

The stone circle of Dromberg is at the end of Cork County, followed by the rings of the Irish Island, so if you want to visit it, you should carefully plan a trip to Ireland for the independent traveler.

This is not a bustling tourist site but a fascinating, intriguing, fascinating and fascinating history, and the thoughts of the people who brought the stones through the road and arranged them in a circle.

circle of stones of Dromberg Stone for a few minutes leaves a person with a sense of warmth and strength over the weather and the prevailing winds.

Strength mystery and inability to explain

At the exit from the  circle of stones, a ten-minute walk from the parking, it is customary to leave a coin, a local belief that caused thousands of coins from all over the world to appear like a treasure chest on the surface.

This is one of the highlights of his trip to Ireland. Tourism is a collection of experiences for the soul. In this case, this is one of the greatest experiences Irish tourists can experience. It is recommended to fly the long distance that must pass to get to the place.

Dromberg Stone Circle of stones in Ireland Planning an excursion to Ireland for the independent traveler Tracks Attractions On one of the fascinating stone circles in Ireland and Scotland

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