el chapo netflix season 3 review

el chapo netflix season 3 review

el chapo netflix season 3 review Netflix brings a sharp and piercing look to the life of the Mexican drug baron Joaquin Guzman. Unlike the Colombian counterpart Escobar, the Star of Narcissus is not an abundant life or a life-long family feat, but it is no less creative and more relevant than ever.

el chapo netflix season 3 The bad guys are no longer so bad

The bad guys are not that bad anymore, but they’re far from modern hoods. The second season of El Chapo brings the story of the serial fugitive from the US prisons and the largest drug dealer in history who still lives, even if it is within the prison walls of the United States. Poverty on the other side of the border and the big money that goes with it overshadow Carlito’s way too.


el chapo netflix season 3 The bad guys are no longer so bad

In the third season of El Chapo, the crooked paths of Joaquin Guzman and Pablo Escobar intersect. The same ways that would eventually lead to the passing of the latter and the imprisonment of Gozman. Throughout the season Gozman wanders between countries.

Joaquin constantly escapes the law and manages to survive thanks to government corruption.

Along with scenes of action, we get amazing details of South America and Mexico that are usually hidden by tourists or are very dangerous to hang around if you are not Joaquin Archibaldo “El Chapo” Guzman Luare.

The same Guzman waits for trial in the United States of America. The American flag threw long arms at him.

Although he is awaiting trial, but in Nantlifix another series of films this time a documentary program on the day I met Al-Chapo dealing with his personal life description

Watching Chapo Season 3: 8/10 Who really liked Narcus and his band
Is Netflix broadcast: Yes
Can I download El Chapo Season 3: Yes With the app you can download Season 3 and watch your smartphone

Is El Chapo on Netflix in English? yes !

Where is El Chapo at right now?  Joaquín Archivaldo Guzmán Loera In early 2017 he was extradited to the USA by Mexico and is scheduled to stand trial in federal court in several countries .

he was adjourned after meeting Sean Penn about a film about his life. Today there is a popular series about his life, but it is reasonable to assume that in prison he can not watch it

A fewpersonal words el chapo season 3 review


Unlike programs such as hunting Hitler on the History Channel, the character in this series is alive and well, apparently came to the end of her crime career.

The moral of every conspirator in the world should be that no matter where the law forces hide, they will reach it.

reality goes beyond NETTFLIX

Update 17/07/2019: Anyone who says that reality goes beyond imagination probably knows what he’s talking about. Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, the Mexican baron was charged in the United States with crimes punishable by life imprisonment and another 30 years in prison. He is expected to remain in a secure prison in the world called Supermax. It was also reported in various media outlets that during his escape from the United States, he visited the United States twice. Now he had a very long time to go. Probably less sympathetic.

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