valley of tears review true story revealed

valley of tears review true story revealed

Are the events in the series real or imaginary and what really happened in the October 73 war? Or maybe the title ripley believe it or not is much more relevant. valley of tears review true story revealed.

valley of tears review true stor A real picture from the battlefield

valley of tears review true stor A real picture from the battlefield


The photos from my dad’s album

A real picture from the battlefield. In the picture – my father from whom I heard and learned the battle heritage you see in the series shaat neila. His stories, as far east as west, in relation to what is shown in the series. The differences between valley of tears and reality are reflected in the following elements:

The well-known phrase, “When the cannons are heard, the muses are silent,” was very true at the time. If it seems to you that in the reality of one of the fiercest armored battles ever fought in history, something had time to save a hedgehog or leisure for philosophical debates, you are greatly mistaken.

To the viewer, the Valley of Tears series is intended to train opinions that are prevalent today, as a result of the disintegration of society, but did not exist at the time.

The war ended the mistake was just beginning

The descriptions of the battles are very poor. In the battles of the Valley of Tear, the Syrian armor was on the verge of conquering the State of Israel and eliminating the Zionist dream. During the war, the bowl was turned upside down and Israel’s tanks were stopped near Damascus.

You as viewers will not see it in the series. The screenwriters chose to go in a different direction. This is their legitimate right. But you will forget that there is also a reality and it was written almost 50 years ago.

Summarizing the results of the battles, you will watch the series screened on HBO MAX and judge for yourself.

Israel still controls the Golan Heights and has the strongest army in the Middle East.
Syria is a crumbling country divided into tiny ones, torn and bleeding. As an Israeli citizen I watch the PIC coming from there and my heart aches for the harm done to innocents.

The Sinai Peninsula (not shown in the series) was returned to Egypt as part of the peace agreements signed by Menachem Begin, President Anwar Sadat. 2 leaders that the Middle East misses very much.


Israel won the war and lost the series valley of tears


The Yom Kippur War (October War) ended in the defeat of the Arab armies. Under international pressure, the Israel Defense Forces stoped 30 kilometers from Damascus, the capital of Syria. In the southern sector, the tanks raced towards the African continent.

These are the dry facts.

The war took a heavy toll of thousands killed on both sides. Unnecessary name spilled. Mothers wept in vain and buried their grandchildren and husbands.

A new generation of orphans, Jews and Muslims, was born, in vain in the Middle East.

Are the characters in valley of tears real?


“This generation of ’73, it surpasses the generation of ’67, that surpassed the generation of ’58, that surpassed the generation of ’48. This new generation is a generation of warriors, whose legends you will write long after the war.” [8 ] ~ Chief of Staff David Elazar at a press conference at the Sokolov House, October 8, 1973. [9]