Old City of Jerusalem Special Places

Old City of Jerusalem Special Places

As long as we do not travel between and outside the walls, we will probably never stop getting excited about sightseeing or sightseeing in the Old City of Old Jerusalem. This time we will recommend you a slightly different route that starts with a tour of the walls, takes us to the new gate and then dives into the market through the Christian Quarter.

City of Jerusalem Special Places take you to the fascinating places between the walls of the Old City and meetings with places and special people

Old City of Jerusalem Special Places

Old City of Jerusalem Special Places pics©1 Jaffa gate 2 Monastery and mosque 3 New and old 4 Notre Dame Church

Old City Tours in Jerusalem Beginning the Walls Tour

The classic stroll between the Old City walls and the Jerusalem market begins at the Jaffa Gate. This is the gate of the Turks, so that the great assembly of Emperor Franz Josef can enter the city gates. In the right corner of the gate there are stairs leading to a peripheral tour of the Old City walls.

A guided tour of the walls of Jerusalem or an independent tour allows us to see the Old City alongside the massive construction throughout Jerusalem. On the right, the first neighborhoods built outside the walls in the late 19th century can be seen as a response to crowding the walls.

Walking along the walls, at a height that allows the human eye to have a panoramic view of the city, is an exciting class. On the one hand, modernization around and within the walls is a picturesque city, mosque turrets and church towers. A history intertwined with events and wars and the three monotheistic religions try to reconcile one with the existence of the other two.

If you don’t want to spend the whole day on the walls, because the colorful sights call you into the city, you can start a tour of the Jaffa Gate and end it in the Christian Quarter. A 15-minute walk that ends at Notre Dame Church in the background. Yes, Jerusalem also has its own Notre Dame Church.

from Christian Quarter to Muslim Quarters and Market Stands

We finished the walk on the Promenade of the Old City of Jerusalem and descended the new gate of Jerusalem. The gate was breached after the founding of the State of Israel. Until the Six Day War, he formed the seam line between Israel and the Kingdom of Jordan. The staircase drops us in with the interior of the Christian Quarter combining churches, including the Church of the Holy Sepulcher and modern cafes and inviting them to a stop with fine coffee.

Take a long breath. Enjoy every scent, every sound, from a rare collection of languages ​​thrown into the air by tour guides in Jerusalem and people’s faces from around the globe. This is the experience. The human fabric made up of Jews, Arabs, Christians and a never-ending collection of tourists from around the world. Almost an expanded seat of the United Nations.

Arab Blind Association Broom Factory

Arab Blind Association Broom Factory

Arab Blind Association Broom Factory ©

One of the most fascinating places in Jerusalem is a manufacturing plant brooms by blind craftsmen. The traditional Middle Eastern society has blindly assigned two major crafts. The talented musicians played canon or more. The rest were directed to engage in various crafts that can be performed periodically and without the risk of injury. Rotten crafts.

One of these beautiful establishments operates in Jerusalem in the heart of the Old City. On Via Dolorosa Street, not far from the sixth station dedicated to Veronica who served Jesus the handkerchief.

At the entrance to the store you can see and recommend a broom or one of the items and if you ask nicely then you can enter the yard behind the store and watch the rooms characterized by stone vaults and blind artisans producing brooms. The store is on Via Dolorosa Street. You can’t miss it.

pics©1 Jaffa gate 2 Monastery and mosque 3 New and old 4 Notre Dame Church