Chaos 0303 fauda The roots of lonely agent

Chaos 0303 fauda The roots of lonely agent

Unlike ancient conflicts in the world, the conflict between Israel and Jews and some Arab countries is relatively young. Keep in mind that until 1917, the Ottoman Empire ruled. The resurrection of the Jewish people in the late 19th century is the one that sets the foundations for this series. Chaos 0303 Pauda The roots of lonely agent

Just ask Mark Twain he was here on a pleasure trip

In order to understand the true reality behind Episode 3 Season 3 Fauda for direct viewing, you have to go back to history a bit. This is my personal interpretation.

In 1869, writer Mark Twin made a trip to Israel. The group of pilgrims went off the coast of the new continent to the shores of Syria, some symbolic. From there, the path of the Ottoman Empire progressed to the unpaved, empty and miserable paths of the Land of Israel.

Pleasure Excursion to the Holy Land is one of my favorite books from the Twin Picks. In a sharp humor that we will meet later in his masterpieces, he describes the meagerness, the nothingness and especially how empty the land of Israel is.

Jews and Arabs live in poverty under Turkish rule. Concentrated in the five holy cities. All other peasants and nomads. Les Miserables. Jerusalem was described in the book as a ruin surrounded by remnants of a wall.

The Turkish Sultan will pour the foundations for fauda 3 season

Now it is possible to begin the explanation of what happened in Pauda’s third season. For viewers, the series has also created action pieces. The lone agent in the field. Almost a superman of spying exercises and a daily brain battle.

Out of the misery and poorness, against the backdrop of the changes in the geopolitical map of the late 19th century, there is nothing, an armed and uncompromising struggle for a scarce land in resources. The Jews fled to Israel from terror in Europe.

The last words of a 1917 spy agent Joseph Belkind

Member Nili, an underground fighter who was hanged in Damascus by the Turks, wrote before his death words that were well-etched in everyone who served the State of Israel. This is how he describes the disgust of the Turkish Empire.

Chaos 0303 fauda The roots of lonely agent

Chaos 0303 fauda The roots of lonely agent

We didn’t like the homeland of the Falke and the Elder
And the homeland of the Armenian people hangers.
We did not betray her, but we disgusted her with disgust

The Jewish community established secret underground organizations 

Against the backdrop of the terrorist rule of the Ottoman Empire, which was already beginning to disintegrate, the Jewish settlement in Israel began its day after day activity. Slowly and quietly, beneath the surface.

activity cells were set up to co-operate with the British government. The aspiration to bring to Israel refugees from the battered and beaten Europe.

Most of the activists and immigrants to Israel were from Eastern Europe. Trained in hard work and living whare is No Country for Old Men.

These organizations were the spiritual fathers of the intelligence agencies of the State of Israel. They are the ones who for years have kept the Jews safe in Israel. In quiet work, away from the limelight, like Fauda Season 3. In the dark, without anyone knowing about their work, in the margins of consciousness but always in the center of the eyes.

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