history post

history post

A site about history, art and tourism

Vision of the site

The site is born out of a need and a longing to express and disseminate knowledge and information in subjects close to my heart.


You can learn a lot from it, it’s fascinating, it’s interesting and more than anything now – history is relevant.


Religion common in the world and common to almost all people on the fence of the land. I have no doubt that if we ever discover a new culture outside the earth, art is the bridge between the worlds


I have always dreamed of seeing the world. I came to him with love and I enjoy it at any moment, even in difficult times. My pleasure and impressions from the world, the interesting places and the people I met on the way I would like to share with you on the blog.

And you – dear readers

I will be happy to receive articles from you from around the world who want to express themselves. So here I am, a stage worker, waiting for the articles you send and we will be happy to publish them. That what knowledge is worth if you can not share it