gary strikes again oak island season 7 epside 10 

gary strikes again oak island season 7 epside 10 

What else could he find at the money pit? The new episode promises another great discovery by Gary Drayton on Oak Island. At the same time, I set out in search of a great discovery in ancient Jerusalem. Because if gary strikes again oak island season 7 i should starts at Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

gary strikes again oak island season 7 epside 10 

gary strikes again oak island season 7 epside 10

At seven in the morning the market comes to life and the island leaves for a working day
We left Tel Aviv at seven in the morning in the direction of Jerusalem. For if there is a great treasure on the cursed island. Its source is not an hour’s drive from my house.

The most convenient entrance to the Old City of Jerusalem is via the Jaffa Gate. Mark Twain described the poorness of the city during his visit in the 19th century. Today it is a colorful market. Some sell souvenirs to tourists and some sell fresh and excellent goods. Middle Eastern buzzers like fairy tales.

Now it’s official! The Curse of Oak Island
History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island Will Air Season 9 on November 2, 2021. The first episode will deal with the search goals in the new season which will air over the years 2021 and during 2022.

All the details and watching videos ahead of the new 2021 season

And at the same time on the island

And while on the island, armed with a pole in metal detectors and secrets from the past, Gary Drayton makes his way to the silver cistern. I am armed with $ 100 and appetite. makes my way down the alleys.

A thick rope links the stone pavement I walk toward Jerusalem’s holy centers and the island. Here the Templars looked up as they crossed the continent of Europe to conquer Holy Jerusalem.

If they found a valuable treasure, they found it here, in Jerusalem. Ilya Capitoline. There are 2 places in the city that each could hold treasures for about a thousand years until the arrival of the Knights.

The first point is Church of the Holy Sepulchre. In the church from which holy light is spread all over the world on the feast of holy light. Here, on a small mezzanine, lie side by side, at Queen Hellenic’s request, the first man’s grave and Jesus’ temporary grave. This is Golgotha ​​Hill.

top of the hill is the key to the secret of the  money pit ? 

I stand at the entrance to Golgotha ​​Hill, the smell of food brewing in the nearby restaurants, thinking to myself. Even today most of the site has not been excavated and no organized archeological work has been carried out. According to the book. What if the Crusaders, or someone from the Sinclair family, managed to discover a historical item here, cross Europe with him and then the ocean.

If you have an item or piece of jewelry that is changing the balance of power in the world, where will you hide it? Wherever possible or in the New World. The same world where the silver pit lies, overlooking Smith Bay.
The same island in which Drayton reveals ancient and mysterious secrets.