free keyword tool for bloggers updated guide

free keyword tool for bloggers updated guide

How to do quality content research with which you can pinpoint the keyword in an article that will bring organic traffic. It turns out that there are quite a few tools and rules that can help you write correctly for the search engines. Embedding keywords in the updated guide site! free keyword tool for bloggers 

free keyword tool for bloggers updated guide

free keyword tool for bloggers updated guide

How to choose a key phrase correctly

There are few methods to choose the keyword of the article. In my experience, especially in current affairs articles, this is crucial. When we write about a topic that is expected to be trendy it is very important to be precise in the keyword phrase and its synonyms. To be exact yes! Do not exaggerate.

You can not rank by any keyword you want. And you do not have to. The ranking is the first part; Your copy should also convince and convert. So what good is it if you rank for short, generic keywords that are not in line with user intent?

What keyword is? Why you need free keyword tool for bloggers 

Every article on a website, whether it is displayed on a WordPress site or not, is based on a central theme. If I want to define the topic accurately (weight weight for experience) I will always do so with a view to bringing the article to a better ranking in the search engines. The question is how to choose the key phrase key word correctly and using these tools.

Optimal word count in a key phrase for a marketing article or blog post

The main tools on the subject tend to give a very high score to key phrases of 4 words at most. Is this always true? I think not. Quite a few utilities help us to find longer keywords, up to 8 words long. There is a good reason for this. The long keywords do not enjoy high competition from webmasters or advertising campaign managers in Google AdWords or ads on the Bing search engine (there is no target in Israel yet but in the sand it is very popular).

This is the place to recommend a free tool at It performs an important action for the writer and site promoter. It “scratches” and collects long keywords from search engines. The tool can be run in its free version in several languages. Its advantage is that it performs for us the search on a number of major sites. From the Google search engine to an impressive and satisfying list of applications:

  • YouTube
  • Bing
  • Amazon
  • eBay
  • Play Store
  • Instagram
  • Twitter

Please note, this is an excellent tool for placing sub-headings and expanding the cover sheet, but of course without sacrificing original and quality writing. In addition to the list of applications, languages ​​and geographical areas it allows keyword research by queries. This element, if written correctly, will increase the results of your site under Discovery in the Google search engine. Stay one of the best tools in the field of SEO .

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