fauda season 3 episode 2 watch online

fauda season 3 episode 2 watch online

When it comes to Gaza, there is no time for soft feelings . The plot must flow like a flood after the rain. Just like Gaza behaves and is shown to viewers in fauda season 3 episode 2 watch online


Closer to the sad reality

season 3 episode 1 ended with an unexpected surprise. A direct look at the Hamas struggle in the Palestinian Authority and the Zionist entity is the State of Israel.

Although there is no known document of a similar attack in reality, the creators of the fauda manage to surprise each time again and devour the cards.


Gaza vs. the Kingdom of Judea and Samaria

In history, we have already seen kingdoms split into two political and geographical entities. Korea nowadays, Ireland in the recent history and the Kingdom of Israel some 3000 years ago.

A similar process is underway in the Gaza Strip and the Palestinian Territories in Judea and Samaria. However, the PA’s geographical proximity to central Israel and the daily friction between populations are far closer, mentally, culturally and economically, between the two nations.

This did not happen in front of the fortified and jealous Gaza Strip. The one that underlies the existence of the Zionist entity as a state, hides behind a miserable civilian population and cuts every shiver of hope.


Why watch the new season of Pauda فوضى

In the end, it is a tension drama that is reality-updated, with an objective statement. The use of undercover fighters, that is, fighters who are half-spies, makes fighting from a political and professional to personal.
In the end we see this series because it is personal and human. to both sides .


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