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cursed island treasure 2020 Signs of treasure or a dead end

Signs of treasure or a dead end of the cursed island treasure 2020

The Cursed Treasure Mystery on Oak Island is once again fooling viewers and others Rick and Marty Lagina . Shaft number 8 could be a big discovery or another maze. Signs of a curfew or impasse we will wait for the next cursed island treasure 2020 new season


Now it’s official! The Curse of Oak Island
History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island Will Air Season 9 on November 2, 2021. The first episode will deal with the search goals in the new season which will air over the years 2021 and during 2022.

All the details and watching videos ahead of the new 2021 season

West of Smith Cove dig and drill. The team cannot drill anywhere on the island, for budget and time considerations. Once again, a geology specialist is scanning the area for anomalies. For now, towards 2020, history is one big anomaly.

cursed island treasure 2020 Signs of treasure or a dead end from youtube

The curse of oak island S07E06 – Closing In, December 10, 2019

There is one obvious thing about the best series in the history channel. Honesty and honesty accompany the activities of rick and marty lagina.
From the moment the series went on air. They and staff are not ashamed to admit failures.


The Failures of Curse Island Treasure Season Season 7

So far, the series’ fans have lost track of one big disappointment. The expectation of discovering a Spanish ship in the depths of the clogged egg in a fiasco is difficult.

But every disappointment has a fresh beginning. Instead of a Spanish ship ,Galleon,the crew finds evidence of water canals from the marsh to the silver cistern. This raises heavy questions.

Construction of water canals with technology of 200 years ago was a very complex engineering operation. Even nowadays.
Who on earth could bring a large-scale manpower to the island, dozens or maybe hundreds of workers, engineers and building materials. Most importantly, it is necessary to do all this engineering work on a deserted island off the coast of Canada.

And there is another difficult question. How has this project never been documented?

There can be 2 answers like this. Or the excavation was carried out even before the Scots arrived on the coast of Canada. Or they just did it long before an area was documented. As for the third question, what they wanted to hide on the island – we will have to wait for Season 7 during 2020 to give us at least partial answers.

Curated Island Treasure 2020 is already here

Treasure or Dead End Treasure Island Curated 2020 Coverage History and Updates History Channel with all the new discoveries on the island and the new evidence leading to the treasure and the money pit

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