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This Is Not America Prophetic song

This Is Not America Prophetic song This Is Not America Prophetic song History is shaping up Did David Bowie predict America’s future in the 80s What we learn from the song about the future. David Bowie was one of the most influential singers in the early years of his activity. Singers usually create a masterpiece for […]

new oak island tunnels 2020

Where is the ark of the covenant today

new oak island tunnels 2020 The seventh season of Cursed Island Treasure is making signs of great discoveries but no signs of gold yet. In the new chapters the silver pit still shows no signs of surrender and only the new tunnels in the Oak Island 2020 remind us that this is the cursed island […]

the curse of oak island Season 7

the curse of oak island Season 7  The Curious End of Season 6   will not stop the brothers to the garden and the treasure hunt team at the Oaks. Sources and Web sites report that work on the accursed island treasure will soon begin the curse of oak island Season 7  Why should Season 7 treasure […]

Rafi Eitan Mossad agent died

otto skorzeny mossad story

Rafi Eitan Mossad agent died Quite a few enemies of the State of Israel breathed a sigh of relief last night. Veteran Mossad agent Rafi Eitan passed away at the age of 92. great deal of legends were formed about Rafi Eitan’s intelligence activity in the establishment of the Mossad organization. Israel’s intelligence organization. Most […]

drombeg stone circle tour

The circle of stones of Dromberg Stone

drombeg stone circle tour Round-stone circles fascinate travelers in Ireland and Scotland. Although it is not as impressive as the Stonehenge, thedrombeg stone circle tour leaves a person with a powerful feeling at its center A trip to Ireland and Scotland was far from my dreams as I planned to make the biggest trip to […]

Jerusalemer Altstadtmarkt 

Jerusalemer Altstadtmarkt  Die antike Stadt Jerusalem ist von einer Mauer umgeben, hinter der sich ein altes Marktleben mit malerischen Ständen und heiligen Sandstränden befindet. Altstadt lädt Sie ein, hunderte von historischen Sehenswürdigkeiten von der Menschheit bis heute zu besuchen. Kirchen, Moscheen und Synagogen sowie aufregende Sehenswürdigkeiten und Aromen, die seit Jahrhunderten erhalten bleiben. Wir machten […]