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garden shaft oak island treasure under the lamp

Oak Island Season 10 Release Date New Discoveries

garden shaft oak island treasure under the lamp 2023

For many years the cameras showed the walls around the money pit but no one bothered to explain to the viewers what they meant. Will the shaft at the edge of the hill now solve the mystery of the lost treasure?. garden shaft oak island treasure under the lamp 2023. 

The lagina brothers are surprising garden shaft oak island 2023

Just before we can explain to the surfers and fans of the series what exactly happened on the island and about the new canal that will be revealed next week, let’s remember that this is a site near the famous money pit. However, for whatever reason, which is not yet clear, it has not been studied enough. Is he actually the keeper of the treasure and the key to solving the mystery of Oak Island 2023?.

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Will the new shaft save the lagina brothers quest 2023

There is no doubt that this is the best series of treasures. Not only on the history channel but among all programs on the subject.
But as of 2023, the group would seem to be stuck. why did this happen?. It turns out that the excavations using drilling around money pit 2023 are not so simple. As long as we don’t connect a new shaft, in the style of the searches done in the past.

With the beginning of the searches of the 11th season and in light of the findings in the previous season. We here in the monitoring team are sure that, as long as there are initial discoveries for the new season, they will be discovered precisely in the new shaft where excavations began last season.
You must be asking yourself why exactly this Why this small area unit candidate to give the answer for oak island mystery solved 2023?. Because it is a site that has never been excavated. What was discovered in it? Project tunnels directly into the money pit.

The Curse of Oak Island – gold discovered in Old Shaft

Do you remember Triton Shaft from season four? treasure found on oak island 2023

During season 4 a possible hidden treasure island was revealed. What was his name then? Triton Shaft. So in those days it was definitely a breakthrough. But what happened since then? Many important discoveries. Have you solved the mystery of The Curse of Oak?. No.
So what’s new in the latest discovery? Apparently a tunnel leading to the solution to the puzzle that we are all waiting for has been located there.

During the tenth season, the search focused on an area called the garden shaft. What did they find in him on the island of the oaks? A mysterious canal, which was most likely the underground path that led to the location of the treasure.

Will oak island treasure be found in 2023?. No treasure or gold has yet been found, but we all hope that by season 11, if indeed there is, we will finally get an answer as to whether there is gold at the bottom of oak island.

Update for fans of the series – from 7/11/2023 season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island will be broadcast on the History Channel. We here at the history site will cover for you the entire season the findings and the stories of the search brotherhood.

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