season 11 Oak Island Returning to the screen

season 11 Oak Island Returning to the screen

Are the rumors accompanying the start of the season true? Many viewers around the world are confused and we are here to sort things out. What to expect in the new season of the History Channel? season 11 Oak Island Returning to the screen.

Beware of rumours season 11 of Oak Island Returning to the screen

Each new season of the search on the island is accompanied by a wave of rumors. Marty and Rick Lagina never approved them. And what this time? A series of network videos, on the verge of being ridiculous, try to mislead the viewers.

season 11 Oak Island Returning to the screen

season 11 Oak Island Returning to the screen

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So what can we expect from another season of searches? A lot depends on how significant the findings in the money pit will be. After ten fascinating seasons, even in production, viewers know that they expect meaningful findings. Not road signs and ox shoes.

Have the searches in the money pit exhausted themselves?

Since the first seasons, the LAGINA brothers have been looking for ways to deal with the money pit. This is no accident and they have good reason to try to locate what appear to be underground heretics.
Already in the fifth season, it was clear that an extraordinary engineering feat had taken place on the small island. The underground tunnels that led from the swamp to Smith Bay left no room for doubt.

 continue to search for the cursed treasure on the island of the oaks season number 11 on the History Channel.

Three important conditions must be met in order for season 11 to become a success.
First, the production must work transparently with the viewers. There is no point in dragging out another season with promos that soon something big will happen when you know in advance that nothing will happen.

The second condition must be the resolution of unsolved mysteries from previous seasons. It’s not easy and we may not get answers. But the production owes us quite a few answers.

The third and most important of all has to do with the search team, the members of the fraternity. If the special atmosphere emanating from the screen continues, I am ready to watch another 20 seasons of the series even if nothing is found on the island.

The Celtic Cross is the most important discovery since the first season

Quite a few viewers and commentators are trying to rank the most important discoveries of the lagina brothers since the beginning of the series in 2014. However, there is no disputing that, and not only among viewers of the History Channel Online, that the cross discovered in season 5, episode 10, called The Signs of a Cross, is the most significant.

medieval lead cross oak island

medieval lead cross oak island

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