oak island discovery 2023 No treasure There is a mystery

oak island discovery 2023 No treasure There is a mystery

Winter has really arrived in Canada and it’s time to check out how the search for treasure on Oak Island has progressed. Are the brothers Rick and Marty a lagina close to a real discovery or additional clues in the Cursed Finance Program from Oak Island. History Channel The Cursed Island Treasure Summary Season 11 oak island discovery 2023

oak island discovery 2021 No treasure

oak island discovery 2021 No treasure

Update for fans of the series – from 7/11/2023 season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island will be broadcast on the History Channel. We here at the history site will cover for you the entire season the findings and the stories of the search brotherhood.

Look for the money pit? Discover a road in the swamp

Well then this year the team had exceptional conditions. The truth is that we were very surprised by the broadcast of the eighth season. The situation in the world does not provide new productions. Therefore season 8 on the history channel was significant and allows a look ahead. The limitations became advantages as the search team focused on the swamp and less on the elusive money pit.


What Happened in 2023 History Channel

So the most significant discovery this year is without a doubt the stone road. it comes out of the swamp and leads to the silver pit.

This is a discovery that stems from Dr. Ian Spooner.

wondering why the bottom of the swamp is paved with stones. Also season 8 on the History Channel.

the team dried up the artificial swamp on the island. Through careful archaeological excavation, they were able to discover a mysterious stone road.

According to the findings, the road dates to the 16th century. Long before the discovery of the MONEY PIT by Daniel McGuinness.

Along the road were discovered a number of metallic remains. attributed to the same period that were probably used as bull shoes.

The role of the ox was to transport cargo.

from ships or a ship from the shore in a swamp to an unknown place on the island. Where exactly does the road lead. The strongest hypothesis is that in the direction of what is now known as the money pit.

Masonic tools on the swamp bottom

This is how the year 2023 ends with more questions.

fewer answers but with a first discovery of its kind on the island.

A man-made road, hidden in dirt and water, beneath the swamp.

The discovery reinforces the hypothesis that a large-scale engineering project was carried out on the island, somewhere in the late Middle Ages on the eve of the Renaissance, but the purpose, as always, is not clear enough.

 Gary Dreyton, an expert in metal discovery, found in the swamp a measuring instrument, probably an protractor, attributed to the Freemasons. We told you there was a good reason for producing Season 9 Curse of the Island.


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