chag shavuot sameach greeting wishes

chag shavuot sameach greeting wishes 2023 

Shavuot is one of the most beautiful and beloved holidays in Israel. The holiday, which is one of the three rituals, marks the harvest and gathering. Free download chag shavuot sameach greeting wishes 2023.

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Thanks to the fact that it is a holiday that marks the period of gathering agricultural produce in the Land of Israel, the holiday is called – Hag Haasif.

What other names does the Jewish holiday have? Matan Torah holiday. On this day, according to Jewish tradition, the Torah was given by Moses to the Israelites at Mount Sinai, at the end of the Exodus from Egypt.

shavuot greeting to a friend

shavuot greeting to a friend

Happy Shavuot 2023

Happy Shavuot 2023

Happy Shavuot 2023

What is Tikkun Leil Shavuot ?

On the holiday of the first-born, the tikkun of the night of Shavuot is noted. It is a special order of study that is usually studied on the night of the holiday.

Already in the writings of the holy SEFER HAZOHAR it is told about the custom not to go to sleep on the night of Shavuot, and instead to sit and study the Torah. This custom is common to this day among most Israeli communities.

What do you eat on Shavuot according to Jewish tradition? Food for a holiday dinner

Today, the holiday eve and the family meal are identified as a dairy meal. with indulgent breads and rolls. the holiday table serve excellent cheeses and excellent recipes for Shavuot.

The 7 species with which the Land of Israel was blessed

What are the seven species with which the Land of Israel was blessed. what do they symbolize in Judaism.

Wheat – the symbol of human existence from which bread is made.

Barley – an original grain species from five grain species. Along with the barley, the Mishnah also includes oats, which are not hybrids,

Vine – the symbol of abundance from which wine is made. blessed in Kiddush.

Fig – the sweet and delicious fruit that can be eaten fresh for a short period only. By the way, picking figs is called a lion.

Pomegranate – each fruit has 13 grains as the number of mitzvot.

Olive – from which they make oil. used in the temple and is still considered a healthy food today.

Tamar – as tasty and good as it is. Grows almost everywhere in the Land of Israel. delicious spreads. We carry a healthy fruit thanks to the minerals it contains

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