Blood and Gold to watch live Netflix

Blood and Gold to watch live Netflix Israel

If you want to find an action thriller with historical significance, this is the recommendation for you. What are you watching today on Netflix?.Blood and gold Recommended movies 2023 action tension. World War II films and the mysteries of Nazi gold.

Who wants to find treasure?. Blood and Gold to watch directly on Netflix I 

On his way to his daughter, the deserter Heinrich was stopped by SS soldiers. They hang him on a tree, but a brave peasant named Elsa saves him at the last moment. The common enemy and the fight for justice and for their families connect the two. An exciting and bloody search for a cache of Jewish gold begins – and reveals bitter secrets.

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The new movie for direct viewing 2023 opens with Heinrich being captured by SS soldiers. They are not really brave warriors but just a bunch of bandits.

After some time he was saved by a woman named Elsa, played by Marie Hake. What are her intentions? Is she a good samaritan or is she hiding a secret? Of course it is. In her heart there is a support for the Nazi occupier. They took her brother captive.

Elsa and Heinrich take the Nazis for a spin in their backyard and, at the same time, settle personal scores. Meanwhile, residents of a nearby village build a last stand against the Nazis, in an effort to protect valuable Jewish gold.

Who is the director of the movie?.

“Blood and Gold”, the film of the acclaimed director Peter Thorworth.

World War II Treasures Nazi Gold Waiting for You to Find It

During the year 2022, an old map has surfaced, which is believed to point the way to where treasure worth millions of euros was hidden by German soldiers during World War II. The reaction of treasure hunters was immediate. They arrived at a quiet town called Omren in the Netherlands and began a frantic search that so far has been fruitless.

What golden treasure can be discovered in the Dutch town?

In the Dutch archive that revealed the treasure map, it was stated that the map indicates the way to the place where four large boxes filled with gold, silver, rubies, diamonds and jewelry looted by Nazi soldiers were hidden after an explosion.

And what treasure will be found in 2022? Four tons of Nazi gold were found on the grounds of an abandoned palace in southern Poland, say World War II treasure hunters. The group, which calls itself the Silesian Bridge Foundation, said it found a buried container using geo-radar after pinpointing the location with an old SS log. The cylindrical metal container, between 1.3 and 1.5 meters long and 50 cm in diameter, was discovered in the conservatory of an 18th-century palace that was used by Hitler’s SS as a brothel.

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