Calories in Matzah Tips for Passover

Calories in Matzah Tips for Passover

As every year, we are preparing for the week of Passover and for a change in the nutritional composition. Even if you do not maintain a kosher menu for Passover, you also probably want to know how many Calories in Matzah Tips for Passover and how we will maintain a healthy diet even during Passover.

Calories in Matzah Tips for Passover

Calories in Matzah Tips for Passover

Passover dates 2021

Seder night 2021 falls on Saturday night 27/03/2021
Seventh of Passover 2021 Friday 02/04/2021

How many calories are in one matzah

In this article we will go from easy to heavy. From one regular matzah to a nutritional composition and calories in a hearty matzah of carob spread or matzah with chocolate which is the hit of the holiday. In addition, flour matzahs ​​with a lower glycemic index can also be marketed, such as bran matzah, whole wheat matzah or rye flour matzah.

According to the Matzah Aviv website, the leading company in Israel for the production of matzah in Israel. here are the calories that await you in matzah.

Regular matzah 33 grams per unit size 18 * 18 cm 121 calories, equivalent to 3 slices of light bread.

Whole wheat matzahs, with a glycemic index lower than 110 calories per matzah

A rich matzah, such that eggs or flavors such as onions, honey or garlic are added when baking, have an average of 130 calories.

And now pay attention to what happens if you spread chocolate to spread on the matzah, we will get a delicious matzah with about 160 calories, depending on the accompanying spread.

Kneidlach How many calories are in this delicious product

If the Egyptians suffered 10 blows, then the traditional Passover dishes can hit any diet. But life has its rhythm and probably the enjoyment of holiday foods is worth every calorie. So as it is said with us, after the holidays start counting calories again, on the holiday enjoy.

Matzah Balls =Kneidlach

Here is the nutritional composition of Kneidl as a mixture for making Kneidlech matzah dumplings

Calories about 140 after cooking, carbohydrates about 14 grams and about 500 mg of sodium


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