Oak Island Season 10 Release Date New Discoveries

Oak Island Season 10 Release Date New Discoveries

Disappointment or hope for the future? How would you define the ninth season of the series led by the lagina brothers?. Oak Island Season 10 Release Date New Discoveries.

Update for fans of the series – from 7/11/2023 season 11 of The Curse of Oak Island will be broadcast on the History Channel.

All good reasons to continue the journey Oak Island Season 10  

Tenth season, first episode, date 01/11/2022, if there are no changes.
How many episodes are expected in the new season? As far as is known about 22 episodes. On what does it depend?. In terms of the quality of the discoveries, however much they will be and especially how long the winter will allow for the continuation of the searches.

Oak Island Season 10 Release Date New Discoveries

Oak Island Season 10 Release Date New Discoveries

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What do the fans think about the series and the discoveries on the island

And why do fans think the team has every reason to keep looking for the treasure, which no one really knows exists. Here is one sample response from fans of the series, from a discussion on social media:

They found that blue sealing clay there, so a tunnel could be hidden under the eye, & if the lagina’s and team are using that modern tech to scan the island they might as well scan that too.
It will be interesting to see the extending stone road excavated in the tree line in the wooded section heading to the money pit too. Can’t wait for the new series to crack on, I just love this show.

most important discoveries since the first season

I became aware of the mystery of the cursed treasure at about the age of 15. There was no Internet then in the small rural where I grew up.  somewhere in the south of the State of Israel.

But we had a library rich in books. among the books found book about ancient mysteries. One of them captured my heart.

The years passed, and I myself became an amateur archaeologist and a member of an Israeli group engaged in searching for treasures and discoveries from historical events in the Land of Israel. Therefore, with your permission, dear surfers, I will allow myself to rank the five defining events, in my opinion at least, since the beginning of the series, and consider this a reminder and a summary of events in preparation for the crawling of the tenth season of the Cursed Treasure.

So if I had to rank the most important discovery? it wouldn’t necessarily be the lead cross attributed to the days of the Templars.

What yes? Doctor Spooner’s discovery about the metals characterizing the water pumped out of the money pit.

By the way of this discovery, I also allow myself to tell you my review of the series. Well what is she?. The team drills and digs using advanced tools. I always asked myself.

why shafts and canals were not dug similar to the treasure troves that plagued the island before.

Watch the video for Oak Island Season 10. What Fans Don’t Know About the Curse of Oak Island?

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