Top YouTubers 2022 in the world get to know them

 in the world get to know them

Who is number 1 in the YouTube social network? The video network and the oldest and most successful in the field of video?. Top YouTubers 2022 in the world Meet them New social networks and creators These are the people behind the leading channels around the globe that get millions of views.

How I chose the creators in the list of top YouTubers 2022

a matter of taste. Although there is no official ranking of who is the number 1 YouTuber in the world, I have chosen the creators whose video channel I enjoy. Another criterion is the level of investment and originality in the videos. So let’s start not before we announce to the surfers that if you want it is not a legend. Send us who is your number 1 YouTuber or one you would like us to recognize and we will add him to the article.

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Eli from Russia 332K subscribers

Her name is Alina and she travels around the edges of the Russian Empire and brings us interesting sights and people. Unlike docu-series produced by official channels, her films reach directly to the people who live in the most remote locations on the globe and in the climate conditions we see in nature films. From Moscow to Kamchatka. who is she?.

Alina  Elli from Russia shares her insights and inspiration with viewers. On the channel you will find an explanation of Russian culture and facts about Russia that cannot be searched on Google. Alina compares Russia to other countries and on a whole range of issues.

One of the most magical and beautiful YouTube channels. Which of her videos do I recommend? Do not miss the visit to Yakut.

In the excellent video you can meet an ethnic minority of Russia – Yakuts. Where do they live? In the coldest inhabited place on Earth. In the video you will get to know their culture, the local people and how much global warming is tangible and visible in the Russian Arctic.

bald and bankrupt 3.62M subscribers The lonely traveler in the ruins of the Soviet Union

It is doubtful if there is a creator or traveler who knows the countries of the former Soviet Union as well as the first Englishman who became a published man and a network phenomenon in his own right. He became a favorite of the bobushkas, the third-age girls of Russia and its neighbors. And finally he was arrested in Russia on the charge of defaming the country. It’s a bit strange because he is the one who advocated the Soviet culture more than any other person on the net.

How many members in the channel? 3.6 million and the hand is still tilted.
The recommended videos on the channel? Solo Through Romania’s Dark Past, Hunting The Caspian Sea Monster
What do I think is his best video? Nobody Visits This Country…Find Out Why. What is happening in the country of Moldova and why no tourist wants to visit there?. The story of a crumbling country.

Watch the video Inside The Belarus Chernobyl Zone how people live in the forbidden zone near the Chernobyl nuclear reactor

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