The new Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power 2022 watch video  

The new Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power 2022 watch video  

After six full-length films spread over a decade. the most intriguing series on the screen comes to us, except perhaps the  HOUSE OF DRAGON.  Are you ready? new Lord of the Rings to watch live Lord of the Rings 2022 Watch the new video from Amazon Prime.

What new Lord of the Rings series about 

So let’s order a moment before the series goes up on Amazon’s viewing service. What is the difference between the movies and the series and where does it take place on the timeline?.

Those who remember the two film trilogies created by Peter Jackson

hw deal with the “Fellowship of the Ring” plot.

this is a plot in which, according to Tolkien’s book, the hobbits set out to save the world from the dark forces. At the end of an arduous journey, they managed to melt the mysterious ring that gave superpowers to the one who holds it. The good guys won. Those who haven’t seen it yet are invited to watch on Netflix creatures such as the night creatures who live forever, the treasure-loving dwarves and in the most terrible place of all – Mordor.

The new Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power 2022 watch video  

The new Lord of the Rings series The Rings of Power 2022 watch video

And now for the real thing The Rings of Power episode 1  Amazon Prime Streaming

By the way, mentioning the original story “Rings of Power” goes back and expands the canvas to all the kingdoms of Middle Earth: the kingdoms of the humans, the children of the night, the dwarves and Mordor itself. Eight episodes of which the first two are released at once, and at the same time also on Amazon Prime.

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The plot of the series takes place thousands of years before the movie trilogy. When does it happen and where?

In the second era of Middle Earth. We meet the story of the 20 rings of power. As you remember, 3 rings were distributed to the elves, 7 to the dwarves, 9 to the humans and one to the bearer and evil Sauron.

Similar to House of the Dragon, the series will allow us to see how the final alliance between the elves and humans was made. If you thought we wouldn’t get the amazing wild landscapes of Earth this time, take a breath – the island kingdom of Númenor is expected to be nothing short of amazing.

The Minister of Power on Netflix Where do you see it?

So here is the news for viewers of the Netflix streaming service. The series is not broadcast and is not included in the list of new Netflix series 2022. It is broadcast on Amazon’s. What other series is not on Netflix? The Handmaid’s Tale season 5 full episodes.

Watch the Lord of the Rings video for the new Lord of the Rings broadcast

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