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saul goodman end 2022 season 6 Spoiler and commentary

saul goodman end 2022 season 6 Spoiler and commentary

Not since Game of Thrones have we had a TV series that captivated tens of millions of viewers around the globe. With the end of the sixth season we will now summarize saul goodman end 2022 season 6 Spoiler and commentary

Let justice begin saul goodman end 2022

It is impossible to summarize the entire series without considering the issue of poetic justice.

On one side is the lawyer Jimmy McGill and on the other side is the whole world. In order to understand the ending, one must go back to the starting point and examine the motivation and goals of the main character.

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Recognition and appreciation and money

What type is Jimmy McGill? Throughout his life he strives to achieve three important goals. The first was recognition of his professional ability. He didn’t get that from his brother Chuck McGill but from the whole world around him. All of this ignores the humiliating treatment he received from Hank Schrader.

saul goodman end 2022 season 6

The second goal was money. Like many of us, he grew up in a world characterized by economic hardship. A life where every penny is worth much more. So he achieved this goal in a big way. Some of the big money was from the Sandpiper lawsuit and the rest from his work as a successful lawyer. What lawyer? The cartel’s.

life is karma And karma is

The last episode of the entire series (se06ep13) resolved the final question of the expected Breaking Bad and El Camino.
She allowed us to get the answer to what happened to James McGill aka Saul Goodman.
Whether the production chose an ending in which poetic justice, biblical justice or morality prevailed, in the end the equation holds true – life is karma.

As a special treat with a spoiler warning saul goodman end 2022 season 6 Spoiler and commentary life is karma And karma is…Find out how the trilogy ends the fate of main characters

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