Fauda Season 4 Episode 6 The Longest Night

Fauda Season 4 Episode 6 The Longest Night

The more daring and daring she is, the closer she gets to the events in reality. If you thought you could watch her in peace, she surprises every time. Get Fauda Season 4 Episode 6 The Longest Night. Watch the video at the end of the page.

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Combat legacy is a subject that is studied mainly in training and during Sunday culture in the military service. Studying the military and security history of the State of Israel plays an important role in shaping the character of the fighters. How important? This may be one of the reasons they choose to enlist in elite units. And what can you learn from this? that, unusually, Fauda is a series that corresponds to reality.

Fauda Season 4 Episode 6 The Longest Night

Fauda Season 4 Episode 6 The Longest Night


Daring Rescue Operation Let’s Remember Long Before Fauda Season Four

In every article about new episodes for direct viewing of Fauda 4, I try to remind the surfers of a story related to the narrative of the series. So what this time? On the night of April 7, 1980, while Tel Aviv was sound asleep in misgav am , a drama occurred. In those days there were no cell phones and direct broadcasts from the scene. what did they do? They took over the children’s home of the kibbutz and negotiated with the State of Israel in order to release terrorists from Israeli prisons.

Early in the morning, the soldiers of the The elite unit Defense Forces  together with the fighters of the Golani  managed to take control of the terrorists not before they murdered an innocent child and the secretary of the kibbutz. And now back to Netflix Fauda new season. 

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Summary of previous episodes Spoilers

The last two episodes of the series today for Pantheon. A fascinating television work produced by Blue. What is the conclusion? Fauda to watch Shira new season full episodes is the best series on our screen today.

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So what exactly happened there? The staff and the security system are dealing with the dire consequences of the raid on the residential building in Brussels. Did you think it would go smoothly? At the same time, the terror squad in Jenin, under the leadership of Adel, and why did they succeed?. Because the squad is using the information they got out of Job to carry out some of the worst attacks the country has ever known.

Now comes the consequences phase. A series of brutal attacks shakes the team and the entire security system. Rafael, the deputy head of the Mossad, concocts a grandiose revenge plan and recruits Doron for the mission. At the same time, Maya receives a surprising message from her brother that forces her to risk her life for him.

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