Fauda Season 4 Netflix Full Episodes with English Subtitle

Fauda Season 4 Netflix Full Episodes with English Subtitle

The Israeli series that conquered the world returns in a fascinating season. This time it leaves the borders of Israel. Fauda Season 4 Netflix Full Episodes with English Subtitles

When is Fauda Coming Season 4 Netflix Full Episodes with English Subtitle

There are series that bring pride and their narrative hides patriotism and criticism interwoven in the subtext. The fourth season is exactly like that. Along with the never-ending action, this is a recommended Israeli thriller series. So you must be asking yourself why I am so enthusiastic. Because you can say that this is just a continuation of the first three seasons.

Well, I have one answer for those asking. You guys will try to create four excellent consecutive seasons of a suspense series against the background of a changing reality that will be broadcast in the Middle East.

Fauda Season 4 Netflix Full Episodes with English Subtitle

Fauda Season 4 Netflix Full Episodes with English Subtitle

The background story of the new season of the series Episodes full of spoilers

In the previous episode, we saw how the team and the security system deal with the dire consequences of the raid on the residential building in Brussels. At the same time, the terrorist cell in Jenin, under the leadership of Adel, is using the information they extracted from Job to carry out some of the worst attacks the State of Israel has ever known.

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But leaving the story wall between the Gaza Strip, Judea and Samaria and the State of Israel, has a fascinating socio-ethnographic background. On the one hand, the fake solidarity of the layers of society and of the leaders towards the weaker sections of the people.

On the other side are those who chose, for a variety of reasons and not necessarily ideological, to cross the lines. These people are called collaborators. These are people with positions and status in Palestinian society. Were they caught by Israel’s security forces? No. They are active in various organizations, on a military or political level, but pass on information to the security apparatus of the State of Israel.

What does an Arab collaborator get out of working with the State of Israel?

The decision to actively cross the lines has several factors. It is not necessarily a financial temptation. A set of reasons cause a Palestinian leader or activist to switch sides. The first of which is the desire to preserve one’s status at the expense of others. While cooperating with the State of Israel, he may be entitled to a financial benefit. However, the main benefit for him could be weakening internal opponents in the Palestinian organization or society.


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