the curse of civil war gold ending Secrets confederate gold in lake michigan

The Curse Gold of Civil War confederate gold in lake michigan

The final chapter of the curatorship program on the history channel The Damned Gold of the Civil War was a real grand finale. This is the first time I have seen how factors outside of pursuit place misleading signs for treasure hunters. the curse of civil war gold  reecup

 Real treasures and unofficial archeology and metal detectors

The spectators were exposed to the pursuit of the gold of the southern states about two years ago. Marty Lagina Just finished the filming of the sixth season of the Damned Island Treasure. On his way down the road that connected the island of the oaks to the mainland, he got a phone call from a treasure hunter, an unknown man at that moment, named Kevin Dykstra.

The Curse Gold of Civil War confederate gold in lake michigan

The Curse Gold of Civil War confederate gold in lake michigan

Kevin, along with his brother and several other friends, were after a long investigation into a $ 140 million gold treasure. The money belonged to the southern states. The testimony of a guard in a lighthouse on the shore of Lake Michigan placed the lost treasure in the depths of the lake freezing in the winter.

Readers of our blog and treasure hunters of the cursed island already know the younger brother to the garden house. He has to check, he needs to investigate, and only after receiving proof he opens the wallet and joins the adventure. This time Alex also takes a prominent role in the search for treasure.

The Gold Rush on the History Channel The Curse Gold of Civil War

The search for gold, whether in rivers and mines, or other gold treasures buried somewhere, is deep in the American narrative. The Americans built their country by using the flywheel to search for the precious metal. If not the gold, who would have bothered to go through a grueling journey and settle the West.

Something makes a lot of fun for treasure hunters

final chapter of the Season of the Damned Gold Program of the American Civil War was fascinating. Seemingly the team discovered gold on the bottom of Lake Michigan. Gold bullion, so to speak, lay on the bottom of the lake. The staff was waiting for official permission to touch and pick them up.

The Curse Gold of Civil War Full Episodes

What a great joy there was on the deck from which Captain Dijkstra opened. The divers sent clear pictures of bullion. They photographed them from a few inches away. Due to licensing problems from the US authorities they could not touch them.
At record speed was sent to the depths of the earth metal detectors. The diver passed the metal detector over the bar but did not receive a response. Is the metal detector broken? No ! A check with the diver’s knife revealed that the detector was normal.

did kevin dykstra find gold in lake michigan

In fact he found no gold. But what happened deserves to be remembered. Apparently, and this is my interpretation, something followed the search team and planted wooden bricks instead, coated with gold paint and simply hung them. Who could have done that? This is a mystery in itself.

Take a long breath

Remember the story about the man who spun gold key through loom? This time he fooled everyone. The gold bars proved to be new clay clay painted gold.
My heart broke. The program team liked me and exposed history channel viewers to hidden parts of the American Civil War. He was so close to gold. But with close treasures it’s not enough.

And what is the connection with grain circles in England

The throwing of a stone in the shape of gold bars reminded me of another story. In the 1990s, a number of Britons claimed that they had drowned the strange shapes in wheat fields in England. 

When I saw the disappointed faces of the crew and Marty’s furious face in the garden I remembered this story. And perhaps it never happened.confederate gold in lake michigan

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