vilnius lithuania tourist attractions up to date

Vilnius Lithuania tourist attractions 

Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, is a preferred destination for a 5-day trip. Vilnius Lithuania tourist attractions Provide a fascinating experience for the traveler. You can travel in Vilna and Lithuania via with a medium budget of up to $ 350 per person

vilnius lithuania tourist attractions

vilnius lithuania tourist attractions

it including flights through the low cost Hungarian company Wizz, which operates direct flights to Vilnius.

On the trip you can also combine a day trip to the city of Kaunas and enjoy a trip at high standards relative to the price.
Modern Vilna is a typical Eastern European city in a country that records population depletion and negative migration.
The city is in a construction boom and low prices, still.
The city of Vilna has a magnificent past, amazing churches and museums, and some dark sides from the Second War of the Voyage.
Castle of the Island (Trakai) Trakų salos pilis Castle of Vilnius

Approximate visit time is about two hours three and equals every minute including a half hour drive from the center of Vilna
Free entry price

Located in the middle of a lake, was established in the Middle Ages and is located near the village that is attributed to the Karaites
Access is half an hour from Vilna via road A4

2023 vilnius events vilnius tourist attractions

Bob Moses live Thursday 06 February 2020
Sandra Carrillo & Los Gringos January 17, 2020 @ 8:30 pm Jazz Cellar 11 , Aušros Vartų g. 11, Vilnius

electronic music festival “jauna muzika” 2020-04-20 – 2020-04-26 Arts Printing House, Šiltadaržio g. 6 Festivals, Concerts

spot festivalis 2020 programa STREET THEATRE FESTIVAL  2020-07-09  : 2020-07-12 Various venues Free admission Festivals, Free Admission, Open Air, Performances

st anne’s church vilnius 

Approximate visit time: 1 hour
Price: Free
St anne’s church vilnius: Weekdays until 15:00
Address: Address: Maironio g. 8, Vilnius 01124, Lithuania
st anne’s church vilnius Phone: +370 676 74463

A special place instead of a masterpiece of art, not just for those who love church tours. This is a church characterized by Gothic Gothic architectural architecture

The church of Santa Ana in Vilna is Gothic in the 14th century and is somewhat reminiscent of Austrian Vienna.

Is defined as UNESCO’s national heritage site and surrounding it is the story of Napoleon’s disappearance during the invasion of Russia.

University of Vilnius

Estimated visit time: about 1 hour
Entrance price University of Vilnius
Address of Vilnius University : Universiteto g. 3, Vilnius 01513, Lithuania

We recommend spending time in the beautiful university walls, between charming buildings and history.

Among the walls of the university are sculptures and an atmosphere of old European education.

Accessibility in the city center is easy to reach with signs pointing from vilnius tourist attractions

Michael’s Gate vilnius

It is recommended to perform a slow and measured walk. Breathe in the Old Town of Vilnius.

Stop at the linen shops. Transfer to a local coffee shop. It is not only a fifteen-minute walk in the old streets of Vilna.

An excursion to the Michael Gate, one of the last remains of the Old City of Vilnius (Vilna). It allows assimilation into fascinating history.

Very similar to Michael’s gate in Bratislava.


Michaels gate vilnus

Michaels gate vilnus©



Cathedral Arkikatedra Bazilik Vilnius

Estimated visit time: 1 hour
Price Entry Cathedral Arkikatedra Bazilik – Free
Address : Šventaragio g., Vilnius 01143, Lithuania

Take a long breath. Turn off your cell phone and prepare for a pure hour of pleasure.

The church is built in the Neoclassical architecture

The Vienna Cathedral is an impressive building with altars, bells and an impressive building where a visit is a life experience.

Afterwards you can continue to a tourist pedestrian mall in the Old City or Vilnius University

Cathedral Arkikatedra Bazilik vilnusCathedral Arkikatedra Bazilik vilnus

Cathedral Arkikatedra Bazilik vilnus©

 Castle of the island of Vilnius Lithuania

There are beautiful castles from it but the island castle is special in its location in the heart of the Galva lake.

Considered one of the most recommended of vilnius lithuania tourist attractions

its accessibility. For the Lithuanians it is a national heritage site.

Trakų salos pilis

Trakų salos pilis©

The castle was built in the early 14th century and restored in the 19th century.

On the human side there is a possibility to travel in time in the nearby village where you can walk on foot for free and be impressed by the structure.

the Historic site includes houses in Lithuania 150 years ago and enjoy restaurants and restaurants serving local food.

Highly recommended only half an hour from Vilna

In general, a trip to the city of Vilna does not require a car.

 Guide to Vilnius trip Important tips

Accessibility The city center is recommended to walk on foot with google maps.

for most of the vilnius tourist attractions recommended to arrive on foot and enjoy the local atmosphere, cafes in Vilnius and local restaurants

Hotels in Lithuania and in general hotels in Vilnius or hotels in Kaunas can be rented through the search engine and through the wesave hotel deals website in Lithuania.

dont miss in vilnius 

  • National Museum of Lithuania 
  • Vytautas Kasiulis Art Museum
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