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ghost town abandoned city The best channels on youtube

ghost town abandoned city The best channels on youtube

Continued years abandoned cities caught my attention. However, in their place of residence in Israel, they are almost non-existent. But from the moment I discovered the YouTube channels the imagination went back to working overtime. Review of ghost town abandoned city The best channels on youtube. 

ghost town abandoned city The best channels on youtube

Why do humans build cities and then abandon ghost town abandoned city

Today we call this phenomenon a trend. The concept may be new but the phenomenon is as ancient as man himself. Geographical areas of the world are gaining popularity at certain times thanks to bumps or ideal weather, nearby railway tracks or mines.

After a number of years or period, a collection of geopolitical circumstances cause the value of the place to decline and it is abandoned. Although in this article I will focus on the channels that cover abandoned sites in the United States, later I will also cover this topic throughout the Soviet Empire.

Randy Owings Movies about abandoned towns

In describing the channel, he wrote simply – Exploring interesting places around the western U.S. and camping along the way. The film series is recommended on the Mohave Road channel.

These films that would not embarrass productions in the commercial channels. As in anthropological research it informs to the surface, devoid of unnecessary dramatization and mostly gives the viewer the feeling that he is in place.


passion for exploring Ghost Town Wonders

another channel that caught my attention and I watched with curiosity and pleasure in his films. It draws attention to details related to the history of the place. Before visiting a particular site, we get information and photos of the place when it was inhabited.

And finally, this is my chance to say thank you to the creators who have done and are doing an amazing job. Watch the video Echo Canyon death valley

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