Tehran Season 2 Episode 1 Save Agent Tamar Rabinian

Tehran Season 2 Episode 1 Save Agent Tamar Rabinian

There are two types of spy series about the Israeli institution. Excellent documentary series and suspense series that combine a personal story against the backdrop of a geopolitical conflict that can fall into traps. Get Tehran Season 2 Episode 1 for direct viewing Save Agent Tamar Rabinian.

Can this happen in reality? Tehran Season 2 Episode 1 Watch Online

. How will the big money and access to advanced means of production affect the Channel One series? There is definitely a good reason to watch full episodes of Tehran Season 2 and see where all this can go. Where does Fauda go we all know. Tehran has a long way to go and at least two seasons to showcase Fauda Season 4’s ability to watch live.

Tehran Season 2

Tehran Season 2


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AMN version of Niv Sultan as Tamar Rabinan in a Persian class with intelligence soldiers
Iran is known to be one of the IDF’s most complex intelligence challenges. There is a need for Persian speakers who know how to gather information, analyze and process it. Last week, a person who is particularly identified with Israeli intelligence operations visited there.

Niv Sultan, who plays the role of agent Tamar Rabinian, in the second season of the Tehran series, 2022.

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Watch the video ahead of the broadcast of the new season Tehran Season 2 Episode 1 Save Agent Tamar Rabinian

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