Better Call Saul S06 E06 Promo “Axe and Grind”

Better Call Saul S06 E06 Promo “Axe and Grind”

In the evening when they make the bed to sleep, he looks at her and asks himself if this is the best he could find. And the answer we get now – Better Call Saul S06 E06 Promo “Ax and Grind”.

Wounds and Kisses Better Call Saul S06 E06 Promo

Of all the features of Jimmy McGill, of all that he has concocted, disrupted, initiated and planned, one important masculine trait is absent. To tell his plot of course. He has no fleet of mistresses or women, he has never been seen courting a woman, not even after Kim Wexler.

Better Call Saul S06 E06 Promo “Axe and Grind”

Better Call Saul S06 E06 Promo “Axe and Grind”

To me personally it seems strange and I will soon explain what I mean.
Fulfilled the relationship with Kim. It took her character a while to be exposed as a nonconformist. If we take into account that the series takes place before the period of the digital transformation another important figure is added. At the bottom of the previous decade people were still courting one after another.

Where did Kim Wexler go?

This season I am ready for surprises. Where each episode is only a basis for assumptions and unexpected development in the plot. The phrase that bears the name of the next chapter – Ax and Grind, a customer from the world of construction. If you are a freemason then this currency is not really foreign to you.

ax grinding meaning

It is rooted in Werner Ziegler’s business. The builder of the series. His wife, the current widow, is trying to rebuild her life in what looks like a German suburb. She continues to work every morning but in the evening goes out to a local bar.
In his study, she keeps a souvenir that hints at her ex-husband’s occupation – a person, group, or company that owns or runs a manufacturing plant.



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