belfast movie review trailer My Personal Experience

belfast movie review trailer My Personal Experience

If you walk down the main street of the gray city, you will notice that many women have chosen a Gothic style hairstyle. She’s tough. Slightly closed and seems to be much less happy than Dublin. And that’s exactly what’s happening in the new movie – belfast movie review trailer My Personal Experience.

belfast movie review trailer

belfast movie review trailer

Our story begins in the land of William Butler Yates

I have traveled Ireland three times. Only for the fourth time at the end of the trip to Yates’ country did I take the opportunity to visit the capital of Northern Ireland – it is Belfast. I remember news in black and white, in the eighties. Underground, explosions, and what an ongoing story about the struggle for independence.

The heavy accent of the townspeople betrays them. The truth is that as a tourist, long before Kenneth Branagh’s film was released, it’s very easy to know that you moved between countries on the Irish island. It’s just a different currency.

Ireland travel

A tough, gray country inhabited by sensitive people

When I switched from Euro to Pound I knew. I came to a country that was once the toughest in the world. Today remains she is much quieter. On character and heritage seemed to me like post-apocalyptic syndrome. It is not that the sea has suddenly calmed down.

Kenneth Branagh’s new film about the city in gray

The film by the award-winning director and actor Brana, who took part in the masterpieces “Murder on the Orient Express”, “Hamlet”. At the center of the plot is a young boy and his working-class family, experiencing the turbulent late 1960s in Northern Ireland.

“Belfast” is a visually stunning, emotionally fascinating and incredibly human film, taking one brief period of Branha’s life and finding in it an adolescent story, a portrait of a city that breaks in an instant and a very moving lament over what has been lost over decades of conflicts in his Northern Ireland homeland. Plus it’s funny – because if anyone knows how to laugh in the face of tragedy, it’s the Irish.

Dublin’s problematic sister

A long stretch of coastline stretches between both sides of the Irish island. On one side lies Dublin. The gateway to visit the land of fairies. It is one of the most popular cities in world culture. Thousands of pubs around the world bear her name. It has Grafton Street which is much more interesting than any street in London.

So here’s the bottom line. Recommended movie. He will do you good. It is advisable to watch with those who love very much. Watch the video ahead of the Belfast broadcast on Netflix where he will find a warm home, I hope.


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