Tangier Island United States Watch Video

Tangier Island United States Watch Video

This could be a scene from a future movie. A world where seawater rises to land. Remember the movie Water World from the 1990s? For residents of the American town of Chesapeake Bay, Virginia, this is a reality. The sinking town of Tangier United States watched the video at the bottom of the page.

Tangier Island United States

Tangier Island United States

The hurricane season to the rising shores of the sea finds the residents in a kind of pause between the existential troubles. Most of them speak fourth and fifth to the settlers who established the place. Carry with them a wonderful and fascinating tradition. They are people who built America. The kind of series you’re waiting for on the history channel.

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Sea level rises Residents do not want to leave the sinking town of Tangier in the United States

That’s why not leave the sinking island slowly? Because being a local is much more than living in some city. The local tradition, personal history and lifestyle to which they have become accustomed have become their second nature. On the other hand, this is a problem that characterizes quite a few places in the United States.

The book regions of America are dotted with abandoned towns. The first to be abandoned were mining towns. The mines were abandoned, the workers left and those who remained lived in a ghost town. Today adventurers and bloggers return there to document the life that was. But for Tangier, the island sinking into the island slowly another future is expected.

Rising water levels in Chesapeake Bay will imprint the heritage of Tangier

Now that’s a fact. Sea levels are rising around and localities close to the coast or those located on islands or archipelagos, are likely to sink underwater. Especially if it’s a flat island like Tangier, Virginia.

In the last one hundred and fifty years the town has lost more than half of its area. It is estimated that in 25 years there will be no choice and the last residents will have to evacuate their homes and move to the mainland. By the way in the 2016 election over 87% of residents voted for Donald Trump in the US presidential election.

I look at them, the last of the inhabitants, at a generation that knows it can not hold on to the ground and my heart goes out to them. The Museum of Local History will be a final testament to the settlement that was established, to the people who lived in it, to the heritage and to another piece of American history that is extinct against the backdrop of time, climate and culture.

Watch the exciting video about the sinking town of Tangier, USA Watch the video – how the residents of the area are coping with the rising water level, the danger of the settlement’s extinction and the climate damage. Location and news.

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