Mel Bernstein America’s Most Armed Man

Mel Bernstein America’s Most Armed Man  

The United States of America invites you to meet extraordinary people. Meet the most armed man in America Dragon from Mel Bernstein Watch the video. In an article about the museum with about 4000 weapons, the mansion that became a military training base and the fascinating figure.

Mel Bernstein America's Most Armed Man 

Mel Bernstein America’s Most Armed Man

The most armed museum in the world and probably the most armed man in America

He lives with dolls in human names and each of them has a name. They turn to the dining table. In an online interview or tell exactly why. He’s just something to talk to. In practice, he lives alone in a mansion that includes a military training facility, and souvenirs for those who tried to invade his territory.

Bernstein says he has amassed more than 4,000 weapons at his compound in Colorado Springs. It also has tanks, a Jeep patrol, a flamethrower and what not. If you asked – everything is legal.

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In his gun shop you can practice in one of six shooting ranges. His gun shop, six shooting ranges. And if all that does not stop then you can visit a military museum, a paintball park and what not in his mansion called Dragonland.

What’s the magic secret of the armed man in America?

He allows himself to display exhibits that other museums would never consider holding. He has exhibits belonging to Herman Goering, uniforms of concentration camps. And rare items from world wars worth tens of thousands of dollars. Even the cyanide exile of Nazi leaders.

And as he says – come with a pen and paper and I will teach you what you will not learn in any school in the world. According to the videos, he seems to be absolutely right.

The Colorado Springs Military Museum has room for every major war the United States has had from World War I to Afghanistan.

How does he get all the items in the museum? Sometimes people hand him items from World War II. Some of the exhibits he has purchased around the world and he himself sells items.

In the video interview in front of you, he talks about his worldview, the special collections he holds and the way to make a living from the hobby he has become an occupation.

Watch a video interview with Mel Bernstein An interesting and fascinating character

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