Gabby Petito New bodycam shows domestic dispute in Utah

Gabby Petito New bodycam shows domestic dispute in Utah

Who knows what else will emerge from the Utah police security videos? Today a new video was revealed which sheds light on the latest events in the life of Gabi Patito, the fugitive’s fiancée  (?) – Gabby Petito New bodycam.

Gabby Petito New bodycam

Gabby Petito New bodycam


Was it possible to save here? Is Brian Lundry still alive?

The United States has been holding its breath for almost an entire month.

It’s true that many have less hope in the FBI investigation than Dog Bounty’s independent search.

but any news immediately jumps out at news systems and surfers who are thirsty for a piece of information.

A new video released in the United States reveals the depth of the quarrel between Patito and his fiancée, who apparently while talking to the police had already hidden some dark secrets about his relationship with his fiancée.

During these hours, the hunt for Lundry, who apparently holds another telephone and is hiding, continues, in the opinion of the US security forces somewhere in the Carlton Reserve in the swamp area in Florida. Currently, there is no real hint of his whereabouts.

Is Gabi Patito’s fiance still alive?

Assuming Brian is hiding in the reserve his chances of transmission are very low. Unless he performed a brilliant exercise and fled to another reserve or had already left the United States. Although the nature reserve is inspected and scanned, there is a real difficulty in surviving there over time. It is infested with crocodiles, snakes and has no food that can be collected in the wild.

Gabi Patito’s secret video #BrianLaundrie #GabyPetito #NorthCarolina

As in any media affair, here too. people with supernatural abilities, in their opinion at least, turn and report clues from the next world. Meanwhile in this world, the unfortunate Gabi Patito has been laid to rest and Brian Lundry has yet to be found.


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