Brian Laundrie found by police….. but not arrested.

Brian Laundrie found by police ….. but not arrested.

The incident in which the police have a key suspect in an affair that is stirring America but he has not been arrested is rare and outrageous. Assuming the suspect is also guilty. Brian Laundrie found by police ….. but not arrested.

It so happened that Brian Laundrie, the partner of Gabby Petito, not only was not arrested, but under his watchful eye the police managed to dodge, without being tracked.

Bryan and Gabi

Bryan and Gabi

Although during these hours the FBI, police swarm Brian Laundrie’s family home to execute search warrant related to Gabby But it is similar to building a wall after the horses have already escaped from the stable.

better call saul? #BrianLaundrie #GabyPetito #NorthCarolina

Almost like a scene from  better call saul. It is not the technology that will lead to the escape of the fugitive. I intentionally call him an escapee and not a suspect or defendant. Is currently the only tip of the iceberg. Everything else will turn out to squeak in the police.


But it is not the technology and cellular surveillance that will lead to the capture of Gabby Petito’s partner. Right now she’s the obstacle. Because the fugitive lives the social networks and is aware of the ability to locate him via the cell phone, any phone he will use. 

Assuming he escaped somewhere in the national park, Brian Laundrie knows every cell phone peep is now monitored. Every phone, every line. Therefore, in my opinion, he will not use any digital device. He will not be exposed to night-vision cameras operating at the base of the body, and if he comes out of his hiding place, it is only because he will be left without food.

precisely in this event, the main suspect should understand that the key to freedom is analogous and not digital.



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