Rick Harrison’s biggest deals Pawn Stars – watch it

Rick Harrison’s biggest deals Pawn Stars – watch it

Think it’s so simple to decide which items to purchase, how much money to invest and what the chances are of earning expensive specs as part of the Pawn Stars series on the History Channel. Get the best video of the series with …Rick Harrison’s biggest deals Pawn Stars

Rick Harrison's biggest deals Pawn Stars

Rick Harrison’s biggest deals Pawn Stars pic from you tube

Always relevant, always human, always funny- Pawn Stars 

“Pawn Stars” follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic.

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Jimmy Hendrakis’ Guitar play to Rick Harrison’s

 $ 750,000 Wanted . However, the deal was not eventually closed. Would you risk nearly a million dollars for a guitar, even if the best guitarist in the world played it?

The rare booklets of Moby Dick

One day a man walks into a store with rare booklets of the story about the world’s most famous whale – Moby Dick. Who has not seen at least one version of the film, in which Captain Ahab chases the largest marine mammal in the world.

Nearly fifty years later, the booklet that originally sold for ten cents was bought by Chamley for $ 375.

The rare painting of Albrecht Dürer 1528

He lived in the days when cluster men dominated science and culture. They were the protégés of counts and kings and largely shaped our culture today as well.

Dürer was a painter, woodcut, engraving and drawing artist, and a German cluster man, engaged in mathematics and painting. His works sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

Rick Harrison may not be an art expert, but what if another expert who could evaluate the value of the work was not available?
So he bought the painting for $ 5,500 and then a particularly pleasant surprise awaited him. When a valuation was performed on the item, it turned out that its minimum value was at least about $ 22,000.


How many seasons does the Pawn Stars series have?

  • Number of seasons 17
  • Number of Chapters 587

Watch the fascinating video Watch the History Channel History Pledge Store for sale with the big stars with Rick Harrison, Corey Harrison, Richard Harrison, Austin “Chamley” Russell

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