The real Indiana Jones – there is more than one!

The real Indiana Jones – there is more than one!

The world is celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the release of the first Indiana Jones film in 1981. The mountain archaeologist. The real Indiana Jones All candidates! 

so, who is the person who inspired the character of Indiana Jones. and continues to captivate millions of viewers around the world. even expected to launch a new film during 2022. 


The real Indiana Jones

The real Indiana Jones

 Is F. A. Mitchell-Hedges the inspiration to Indiana Jones?

 The top candidate to be inspired by the similarity played by Harrison Ford is undoubtedly the archaeologist known as the mitchell hedges skull.

This is a colorful figure. As a student he left school at the age of 16 to visit the North Pole and later became known as a particularly charming man. He attracted wealthy and pedigree women who helped fund the treasure hunts in South America. Especially in the territory now known as the State of Belize. So southern Honduras.

He and his adopted home Anna Mitchell Hedges had a discovery. It was only revealed after Mitchell’s death. According to the daughter, they discovered the crystal skull. In the fourth film, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, this item has already received personal attention.

This fact reinforces the view that he was the inspiration for the character of Dr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones Jr. Although there is no record of himself, mitchell hedges, ever referred to the finding.

In conclusion, a fascinating man, even if in the eyes of some of us he is considered a robber of antiquities. His resume includes a period of captivity among the Mexicans, a war with whales, the discovery of the crystal skull and even the thought of discovering the continent of Atlantis.

Vendyl Jones as Dr. Henry Walton Jr?

The Judean Desert, which surrounds the Dead Sea, is one of the most interesting archeological sites in the world. This is an area where Christianity was actually born.
Weather conditions preserved objects and scrolls from the past. To this day, in fact, the isolated caves are a target for antiquities robbers. This is where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered.

At certain times, the area attracted archaeologists of a religious nature. Those who sought to prove history through findings.

One of them was the Rev. Wendell Jones. He was born and raised in the United States, lived for years near the city of Jericho and was mainly engaged in the search for the place of the treasures of the Temple.

Unlike Hedges who looted treasures, Vendyl Jones and his crew added their own exotic items to the desert. They scattered inscriptions engraved on the rock. They studied the ancient Hebrew script and engraved Psalms on the rocks.

Is Vendyl Jones the inspiration for the invincible and adventurous archaeologist character? Hard to know ,. I personally, tried to learn about the character as much as possible. Unfortunately he passed away in 2010. He did not pay much attention to the possibility of being inspired, but left behind a glorious legacy of exploring the Judean Desert.

Watch the fascinating video! The Real Life Indiana Jones

The article is lovingly dedicated to my sweet memory, to the cinema day of the early 1980s, to the wooden seats, to the cash registers and paper cards, to the buffet with the simple sandwiches that I thought were a royal feast.
To my mother, the most beautiful of women, who introduced me to the world of cinema. Against all odds. We are still here.

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