Nomadland Recommended movie ! USA Hidden Roads

Nomadland Recommended movie ! America’s Hidden Roads

New movies that reveal the lesser-known trails on the south side of the United States of America are always of interest. So I was very excited when the screening of the film Land of the Nomadland Recommended movie began. A movie recommended for viewing! The Hidden Roads of America. New movies are recommended in theaters! Watch the video at the bottom of the page!

Nomadland Recommended movie

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Nomadland Land of the Nomads What is the movie

Although it is common to think that today most people live in permanent homes, it turns out that in the United States quite a few people still live as nomads. But modern. And this is where the film begins when he introduces Fern played by Frances McDormand (winner of three Academy Awards for Best Actress), a woman who, following an economic crash in a Nevada area, decides to pack a caravan and embark on a journey across the western United States to discover life outside of conventional society. Reminds me of the Ancient Voice from last year.

The new film that is being shown these days in Israeli cinemas  is a commendable work that has won 3 Oscars for the film Best, Best Director – Chloe Zhao and Best Leading Actress – Frances McDormand.

Where is the West of the United States

The area known in English as the Western United States whose countries lie on the Pacific Ocean was first inhabited by hundreds of thousands of settlers during the gold rush. It includes states like Alaska (the last border), desert Arizona, but the farmland of Montana and of course New Mexico the land of occurrence of breaking lines and relying on sol. The icing on the cake is of course Washington DC. One more thing – the state of Wyoming, the land of fossils, also belongs to this multicolored region. And amidst all these contrasts the new film was cast.

But being a wanderer is not just freedom, it’s mostly a struggle for tomorrow’s lunch, for non-conformism as a way of life and for a slightly different society. Therefore, before watching the movie Nomadland , it is important to put the concepts in order and differentiate between nihilism and conformism.


Watch the video for the full film Nomadland

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