The Sons of Sam- Some are free somewhere

The Sons of Sam- Some are free somewhere

Netflix’s new series The Sons of Sam is not the first to investigate the affair. In fact Netflix itself has documented David Berkowitz in its previous shows. But she’s the first to speculate that “Sam” may have a few more boys still hanging out. pay attention!

The Sons of Sam Some are free somewhere

The Sons of Sam Some are free somewhere

Cults, dangerous people and those with radical views are never a single show. Mostly it’s a bunch business. They meet in the dark. Do not always know the true identity of their friends. Always try to keep the embers cool. Like the Jews of Spain, who suffered the arm resting of Queen Isabella. Everything in the dark.


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We have known the story of the accursed David Berkowitz for many, many years. He is identified as a serial killer who acted in the mid-1970s, was caught by chance, like the Unibamer, and now while serving a 356-year prison sentence, in the outside world he is a Roche fan.

This is where the new Netflix series comes into the picture. For we have a tendency to see the forbidden behind bars as a kind of closing circle. But SON OF SAM on Netflix leaves the viewer with a difficult question – are there free people from the same cult out there? Like dormant spy agents just waiting to receive the signal, or the right timing to threaten our lives?


Logical mysticism is the cornerstone of the strange sects that operate in our world today. They are strengthening against the background of last year’s event.

If there was no shortage of trouble for the common man from the locality, the last year has come and brought thinkers unknowingly back to the center of the stage.

1976 was just a boring year in the world. Forget a smartphone, the founders of Netflix have not even been in the area yet. And only the Pink Floyd recorded an unforgettable tour.

Boredom causes frustration. And the latter, frustration, can lead a person to extreme acts. Even if we just look at son of san of sam netflix trailer we can understand how far the distance between the pink floyd gnome and the revelation of cruelty ideology- is small and scary. 

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 This is Netflix’s best documentary show. The decision not to give more screen time to son of sam letters also turned out to be the right one. 

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