passover 2021 dates seder plate

passover 2021 dates seder plate 

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Why celebrate Passover

About 3,000 years ago, the ancient people of Israel managed to break free from the yoke of slavery in Egypt. After performing Tractate Nissim, Moshe led the people of Israel, through 40 years in the Sinai desert. He did not lead them to the Promised Land but saw it from afar.


On his way to the Land of Israel, the people of Israel received the Torah. After a series of formative events the people formed towards the conquest of the land.

passover 2021

passover 2021

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Seder Night 2021 Sunday Holiday Saturday 27/03/2021.
The ban on eating chametz applies from this day until the end of the holiday on Saturday, April 3

Seder plate & passover meal

Like other holidays in the Jewish tradition, the holiday meal revolves around reading a traditional book called the Passover hagada in which the story of the Exodus is told.

During the reading of the hagada revolving around the table, eat from the six dishes served on the plate, but not from the plate itself but from dishes served at the holiday table:
1. Arm: Chicken Throat
2. Egg
Bitter: Lettuce and horseradish
4. Charoset: Fruit puree
5. Celery: Boiled potato
6. Salt water


The Ten Plagues of Passover

In order to persuade Pharaoh king of Egypt to free the people of Israel from a long period in Egypt, the God of the Jews imposed punishments and sanctions on him. These are known as the Ten Plagues.
death of firstborn

Passover: How to Read the Haggadah

Reading the Haggadah is just one of many rituals at the Passover Seder – but it’s not always easy to read. Sometimes, in a rush to fit the whole story in, we mumble our way through the Maggid text, without considering what it really means. So, in preparation for this year’s Passover Seder, join Rabbi Fohrman as he explores the text of the Maggid, and never think about Haggadah the same way again.