Murder Among the Mormons Review Netflix

Murder Among the Mormons Review Netflix

If I had not known the history behind the story, it would certainly have been possible to believe that this is a suspense series and not a documentary. But everything you see on screen is true for real. Get the counterfeiter Netflix Watch the video at the bottom of the page! Murder Among the Mormons Review Netflix

Murder Among the Mormons Review Netflix

Murder Among the Mormons Review Netflix




What is the Salamandera letter and how is it related to the fake Netflix movie

The fake movie of Netflix describes how a number of letters and writings related to the Mormon Church in the United States were forged. The founder of the controversial church, or in its official name the Church of Jesus Messiah of Latter-day Saints, is a man named Joseph Smith. In 1830 Smith proclaimed a divine revelation, in which an angel was revealed to him who gave him the gospel and the wisdom of the Scriptures. Along with a few dozen other members he is the founder of a new sect in Christianity.

250 years later, Mitt Romney, a descendant of those founding families would almost occupy the presidency of the United States. But in between the name of the church is linked to controversial issues. To some people it is portrayed as a cruel cult and some simply despise it. But the main thing is that it manages to keep the structure faithful to most believers.

Angel or Salamander What did the Netflix forger do?

Mark Hofmann Mark Hoffmann operated in the United States in the late 1980s. He would forge documents of the active kind. He knew not only to forge an original document but to invent documents that could shock history. And if it is a religious belief then it can end the route of the Mormon Church in the United States.

Believe it or not, some 250 years after the church’s faith was already established and included a blind faith in the Scriptures of the founding generation, a man arose in the United States who acquired a skill in forging documents. He was so skilled that the source he forged seemed less authentic than the forgery.

Mark Hoffman initiated the writing of a number of Mormon letters and Kush writings, which pretended to be original documents. Just what, the angels in the scriptures he replaced with salamander. What will happen to the Mormon Church faith? They purchased the scriptures, ostensibly original writings, and hid them deep in the church vaults, so that no one would hear or know, and so on.

Mormons are a religious stream that is obsessed with everything that is historically documented. Therefore the heads of the church did not think twice and purchased the forged documents with a lot of money. Just hide them. They did this to protect Mormon culture. They lied for the religion they believed in.

A lot of money changed hands and hence the plot gets complicated. Because when one idiot drops a stone 100 sages will not be able to get it out of the well. This is where Netflix’s new movie begins and this is where you start watching the full fake movie.

The series will air from 03/30/2021, created by the following directors: Jared Hess (“Napoleon Dynamite”) and Tyler Mismo (“An Honest Liar”).

Watch the video ahead of the Murder Among the Mormons Netflix full movie

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