purim 2021 greeting hamantaschen recipe

purim 2021 greeting hamantaschen recipe

Purim has fascinated me since childhood. My father was born in Persia in the 1940s. He was proud of his origins, longed for his homeland and used to visit the graves of Queen Esther and Mordechai the Jew. This is where my love for the happiest holiday in the Jewish tradition was born. And I present to you with love- purim 2021 greeting hamantaschen recipe

purim 2021 greeting hamantaschen recipe

purim 2021 greeting hamantaschen recipe

Why celebrate Purim 2021

2000 years ago, in the kingdom of King Ahasuerus. his faithful heir named Haman ( hamantaschen) plotted to kill all the Jews in the kingdom. This was not a trivial matter – the kingdom stretched from India to Kush, present-day Africa.

But as is usually the case with the oppressors of the Jews, a great rescue comes, the sword turns. A man named Mordechai the Jew whose niece, Queen Esther, would marry the king’s . Together they turned the bowl upside down.
At the end of the day Haman was hanged on a tree with his ten sons and wife.

shushan purim date 2021 

28/02/2021 -01/2021

I can write here about ancient traditions why this date was set. But the truth is probably much simpler. Because it is the happiest holiday in Judaism. Most likely, his holiday days have lengthened. Just because people wanted to enjoy another day off and a Purim feast.
Sometimes fascinating history has simple human explanations.


hamantaschen recipe A sugar-free recipe 

Ingredients for the easy recipe hamantaschen
200 soft butter
300 grams of flour (2 cups + 2 tablespoons)
325 grams of flour
No sugar substitute is needed – the sweetness comes from the filling
scrambled egg
Vanilla extract to taste
You can combine scraping citrus peels – not required
Materials for stuffing
Here you will have to choose between jam, poppy seeds or chocolate. Hazelnut or Nutella regional spread can be combined

Purim cookies preparation instructions

Mix the dough ingredients in a mixer until you get a dough with a uniform texture. It should be refrigerated for about an hour until it is easy to process

Design + baking in the oven

Roll out the dough to a thickness of half an inch or less
Make dough circles or other shapes – remember the main thing is the taste
In each unit, place the filling we have chosen, so it is worth varying the flavors
Arrange the dough in a triangular shape – this is Haman’s ear
Arrange on a baking sheet
Put in the oven for 15-20 minutes at a temperature of about 150 degrees Celsius

happy purim in hebrew greeting card

happy purim in hebrew greeting

happy purim in hebrew greeting

happy purim greeting card

purim greeting card