Daniel McGuinness shock the Oak!

Daniel McGuinness and the Oak Island The truth behind the boy who made history

According to the official historical version The Cursed Treasure of Oak Island. The discovery of the treasure lies in Daniel McGuinness who stood on land in Mahone bay and saw mysterious lights on Oak Island.

However, if we analyze the history of Daniel McGuinness and the Island of Oaks. we may come to conclusions about an alternate history and a story that has more of a grip on the reality of Treasure is the Cursed Season 8.

Daniel McGinnis early 20th century newspaper

Daniel McGinnis early 20th century newspaper

Am I just suspicious or have I discovered something real

A few days ago we drove on the shoreline of Tel Aviv.

In the distance we saw the lights of ships moored near the power station.

but no more than that. I have no idea what the reason, maybe admiration and maybe curiosity, I remembered Deniel McGuinness. How he is told that he looked to the wilderness in the ocean, saw mysterious lights and in all created the great pursuit.

Early knowledge or luck of beginners

As time goes on I get the fear that the McGuinness did not really see lights on the little island. You know what, maybe not just saw lights. A feeling creeps into me that he had early information about what was happening on Oak Island.

What happened to the Cursed Island when Daniel McGuinness landed on it

It is a small island but on the scale of the 18th century it takes you a whole day to scan it and find an oak tree from which hangs a pulley which at its feet is dirt that looks as if it has been covered with a pit in the ground. This complete pit will be called the money pit – MONEY PIT.


At that time there were many more trees on the island, the sun set early so that if the group of boys found the place, quite by chance and had the courage and tools needed to dig in the hard and rocky ground, Say was especially lucky. Any other explanation simply gives them – prior knowledge.

As season 8 the Cursed Island Treasure progresses, I feel like we are being told much less than is already known. On the past, on the present and how it will change our perception of historical myths in the future.


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