Valley of Tears HBO Full episodes on line

Valley of Tears HBO Full episodes online

recup Valley of Tears HBO Full episodes on line Explanations of the new series. Exclusive spoilers, behind-the-scenes list of truth List of actors all about 1973

Valley of Tears HBO Full episode 1 online english subtitles free

Valley of Tears HBO Full episodes on line

Valley of Tears HBO Full episodes on line

Valley of Tears Episode 1 online free

The winds of war hovered over the Golan Heights several weeks before the outbreak of the war. However, the opening of the Syrian offensive in the Golan Heights fell on the State of Israel like thunder on Yom Kippur. Nearly 50 years later, the first work emerges that dares to deal with the personal aspect and the price. Valley of Tears Episode 1 online free   All episodes Watch the video at the bottom of the page



Actors Valley of Tears 1973 The war that changed the Middle East ?

Watch the video at the bottom of this page Episode 1  viewing of  of Tears HBO shaat neelia 

Yoav is played by Aviv Alush He is an officer in the Golani Brigade and with the start of the war he inevitably became responsible for protecting the intelligence personnel at the post.

Manny Lior Ashkenazi A journalist who lived in Tel Aviv who used to be an armored soldier in order to rescue his son from the battle before it was too late, this is supposed to be the controversial character in the series due to the fact that Israelis from all The world mobilized and arrived on flights to take part in the war that threatened the existence of the country.

Daphne is played by Joy Rieger the complete opposite of Manny’s character. She is a women’s corps officer who refuses to evacuate with the female soldiers and a girl to stay in the battle zone and courageously assist the fighters while trying to get information about her friend who disappeared with the start of the war and the attack on the Hermon outpost.

Valley of Tears HBO episodes full of everything you need to know

HBO The network that produced the best series in the world purchased the series from Channel 11, which means that we will probably not see Valley of Tears on Netflix Israel, full episodes with Hebrew subtitles, unlike series like Flying Heroes or Thistle.

The series presents the tragedy of the Yom Kippur War through the personal story of 3 characters

The main filming site of the series was in Ma’ale Gamla, the Golan Heights Valley of Tears for direct viewing with full translation broadcast on HBO and produced by Endmol Shane Israel, Westend Films
The writers of the series include the most talented writers in Israel, Ron Leshem, Amit Cohen, Daniel Amsel, Yaron Zilberman, Amir Gottfreund, Yael Hadia

Valley of Tears | Official Trailer | HBOMax

Season 2 Valley of Tears The Southern Arena In principle approval has been given for the production of the second season of Lockdown on the events and battles in the southern region of Sinai shaat neeila

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