shaat neila hbo Watch online free

shaat neila hbo Watch online free

How long we waited and she’s already in the air. Get the lock time players live watch full episodes and everything you need to know about the Israeli who was sold to HBO. That war almost 50 years later wins impressive footage, airing on Channel Here 11 Broadcasting Corporation. At this time there is no Netflix Israel closing time broadcast. Watch the video at the end of this page episode 1 shaat neila hbo

shaat neila hbo Watch online free

shaat neila hbo Watch online free

What really happened in the Yom Kippur War shaat neila hbo

The first episode of Lock Hour looks promising and there is something to watch on TV. Closing time The October 73 war, known to us as the Yom Kippur War. I remember the war I was then a child, a boy. I lived in the heart of Tel Aviv on Ibn Gvirol Street, which was then the main street. Channel closing time 11 days before the war.

The days before the war. The country was run quietly and everything seemed reasonable. Although the war of attrition took place in the background before but in Tel Aviv as always the bubble was a bubble. Even then. I remember that Friday, 06/10/1973. Yom Kippur Eve which is usually both Friday and Yom Kippur or Shabbat and Yom Kippur. I remember that for the first time, my brother, who was then a soldier in the regular army, an instructor at the Armored Corps’ armament school, did not go out to sit and did not go out with us on Yom Kippur 1973. It was pretty rare. He would always go out. Even then we realized that Friday, that he had announced that he was not coming out that something strange was happening.

Israel pays a heavy price for its indifference

After a few hours we realized that this is no ordinary Yom Kippur. Prior to the closing prayer we noticed that there were not many young people on that Yom Kippur in the synagogue. Not everyone returned from where they went at noon that bitter and hurried day.

People probably returned home in the afternoon, between the morning prayer and the Mussaf to return later to the inaugural prayer and the closing and evening prayer. In the middle they turned on a radio and heard the unusual flash. After that it was no longer Yom Kippur.

Most of the worshipers did not return to the synagogue for the closing prayer. Those who returned, had already returned with special prayers. Return with a special request in the closing prayer.

And so it started and it ended a few weeks later in the State of Israel was different it was that last Yom Kippur, and never returned to be what it was on the eve of Yom Kippur 1973. shaat neila hbo Watch online free A new television series about the war in which the State of Israel was almost established in 1973, the October War

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