Fauda versus Tehran The struggle between Israeli intelligence

Fauda versus Tehran The struggle between Israeli intelligence o

The truth is that no one watched such a series on the public channel and the conservative funded by the taxpayers of the State of Israel. A scale production that would not shame Netflix. ladies and Gentlemen received  tehran tv series recap Tehran tv series release date watch online free.


What the Tehran series is about

are you ready ? Take a long breath and get ready for this is an excellent series of feud scale (All Episodes Season 3 Feuda Netflix Direct Watch) that is becoming a chapter-by-episode review.

Spy will never be a lone figure all alone in the night, as will Tamar Rabinian as an agency agent on the premier mission of organizing the institution and more in the heart of Tehran. At one point, the plot gets complicated and it is like a fox on the run escapes from the law enforcement organizations and the Revolutionary Guards into an unusual spy thriller.

Actors cast Tehran

One of the factors for the success of the series is undoubtedly the diverse cast. The characters in the Tehran series are portrayed as actors who were born into these roles.

Liraz Czarechi in the role of Yael Kadosh gives a huge show and Iranian roots that will soon release a disc in the Persian language similar to her aunt singer Rita (my favorite!)

Menashe Noy in the role of Meir Gurb Head of the institution in the game always adds a dimension of authenticity into the role and generally good to see it on our screen as much as possible

Nvid Nagghan, born in Mashhad, Iran, plays Masoud Tabrizi Iranian citizen
Niv Sultan is a Tamar Rabinian Institutional Agent As a child, she immigrated from Israel to Israel and, like many former Mossad agents, returned to her quarry as a spy for the homeland. Does it look like a sequel to the role played by Eli Cohen?
Sean Taub is Faraz as Mali, the Revolutionary Guards commander in some cases reminds us of soldiers and commanders who slightly bend the laws and everything for the homeland
Sherbin Allenby is a young Iranian milad who aspires to freedom and living in a normal country

Fauda versus Tehran The battle between the Shabak and Mossad

Symbolically, Netflix launched Season 3 Pauda in tandem with the rise of the Tehran Channel 11 series. Both series are sold to broadcasting entities in the sand. They have a lot of action and a hatch for the shadow wars that take place every day between Israel and Iran. But there is much more to them. There is also the struggle for luxury. Fauda versus Tehran The battle between the Shabak and Mossad


The mosaD vs. the shin bet 

Well then the two old Fouda series on its seasons opposite the new series Tehran. I would give the title The battle between the general security agency and the Mossad Yes, it is inevitable to compare these two series. Although Tehran is still in its infancy, Fawdeh is a series that has matured and many viewers and fans. Two aspects of the forces make the Israeli one sure israel and the other across borders, although some of the places in Gaza seem to be growing in Bauda look no less than the land of what we think.

UPDATE- Now it’s official – fauda season 4 netflix release date

The filming of the fourth season of the Israeli series, which has captured the hearts of viewers around the world, has officially begun these days. It’s not just for nothing. Netflix broadcasts and translation into dozens of languages have made it one of the most successful series of the decade. All information about fauda season 4 release date


There is still some local advantage to the poodle with our forces assisting the undercover . Cherry and immediately can come to the rescue to back down and end a security event. The IDF has the option of summoning border policing forces or blocking a road. In contrast, the institution has a different nature of work. Tehran is much further away from the individual agent’s activity, while Fauda’s activity is from a team.

In Tehran, the high-tech controls of the Pouda controls Zacha Alpha

The Tehran series What characterizes it is the affinity for the younger generation. Tehran poses far more dangers. Men with a very young girl who is not seen in the profile of an institution fighter. It is connected to cyber and high-tech. Agent’s activity in Tehran carries the nature of the cyber world of hackers.

A world of remote promotions from home. Therefore, they also appear to be farther away from reality, even if we take damage to Iran’s centrifuge facilities. On the other hand, it is difficult to connect them to a young girl who was sent via some airline.

The general security agency is looking for a lowcost flight?

I believe the institution in the real channels running agents in its own place does not seem to me that this is the way the institution sets an agent for an enemy state.

No relation to reserve or Arabic lessons 

Some things about the series are interesting how he came up with in which country the Persian language (where Yosef Shiloh needs him) is less close to us than the Arabic language that most of us are familiar with or TV or the reserve or the military or Just for everyday life or school. So in the Tehran series for direct viewing there are many passages in Persian that are not really understandable to us because of the couch. While watching Pouda directly, most of us understand what is being spoken even without a built-in Hebrew translation.

Tehran as a series is also more closely connected to youth . In the fourth or fifth episode there is the interest of festivals and parties up to a section of love and infatuation and between the Israeli agent and a local hacker. Maybe to appeal to the younger generation of viewers who aren’t really connected to Channel 11.

Is Teheran a more real-world series than Fauda Season 3?

As far as the authenticity of the series is concerned I would say it is not top notch. The viewer in Tehran is unclear as to the purpose of the operation and what was the purpose of the operation.

Menashe Noy (Communist from The Pigeon Blower ) does a nice job but Liraz is less clear as to why they chose her as she does not embody some character. And again, I purposely mention the section of Pauda that put some dilemmas in the later cabinets between operators and agents or between operator and agent, probably putting it together to create some personal tension.

Ask Rosa BHashian or for Season 2 Tehran

The Tehran for Direct View series is particularly well photographed in its outdoor sections. On the other hand, it lacks any fixed motif of tension.

Tehran Season 1 lacks identification with the protagonist as in FAuda.

In Tehran there is no identification with the hero and no real purpose is visible. In contrast, Pauda is a series with a purpose. Pouda has elements of life’s narrative in uniform

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