curse of oak island season 7 summary recap

curse of oak island season 7 summary recap

Timeline season 7 summary recap Will the lagina brothers continue for Season 8? all new discoverys That preceded the money pit Before Middle Ages curse of oak island season 7 summary recap


Astounding Find Reveals New Theory

The season ended earlier than expected.

The weather in the area and the exploitation of the silver pit forced the team to a last meeting in the war room. The following day, a farewell ceremony was held from Season 7 in which the memorial to Dan Blankenship was inaugurated

curse of oak island season 7 finale

curse of oak island season 7 finale

The timeline slips into the Middle Ages

The discoveries on this year’s island focused on the connection between the egg and the silver pit. Locating the flood channels that acted as a kind of artesian well leads to 3 clear conclusions:

1. On this small island a magnificent engineering enterprise took place
2. Contrary to custom, some of the activity took place in the Middle Ages, probably by Europeans and non-native .
3. The island was inhabited even before the discovery of the MONEY PIT by Daniel McGinnis and his friends

Marty’s important discovery

The important discovery of marty lagina changes the picture

Hammering old quarries and coins and revealing the SWAMP land continue to provide conclusive evidence of a valuable item that was apparently hidden on the treasure itself and still refuses to be exposed.

The most important discovery on the island is the $ 2 Canadian coin. The same coin that Marty threw to one of the drills a few years ago and now a new drill was discovered a few meters from the original drill.

The conclusion is that whatever is on the bottom of the hill is constantly moving, so there is no real meaning to the location of the money pit. What is not hidden there is moving a few meters each year in an unknown direction and so the only solution is to flatten the hill and clear it.

 season 8 curse of oak island

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