better call saul season 6 What happened to Lalo Salamanca

better call saul season 6 What happened to Lalo Salamanca

End of season 5 better call saul season left viewers with a mystery as we immediately solve!  What happened to Lalo Salamanca And why is it that Gus Fring comes out as snow-white  

A criminal lawyer helps solve the mystery

First to the facts. Lawyers like to take absolute facts and build from them a story that no matter how you turn it, they are right. So, it would take NETFLIX time to film to submit Season 6 to us on Sol, but just for that, we provide you with the most important onscreen spoilers.

So here are the dry facts saul season 6

  1. Lalo Salamanca is alive from the end of the assassination of Gus Fring, based on Sol episode 10 season 5
  2. Nnacho varga escaped from the estate during the course  assassination. but we don’t know what happened to him later. Here it is important to remember that Nazo was once mentioned as an Ingacio character in breaking bad.
  3. in the breaking series has an important episode where Gus Fring comes to discuss his type of reconciliation with the cartel
  4. AS tells me the criminal lawyer next to me that if the great patron, Don Ildio would know that Gus Fring was behind this assassination, he would kill him. Without thinking twice.
  5. Juan Bolsa, like it or not, may have shared the facts of the big patron just because it must have served his interests
  6.  The Salamanca family is built from a collection of short-wired lunatics. Since Hector Salamanca’s father sits on a wheelchair in the nursing home, there is really no one to run the business properly.

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